Perseverance: Watch What Can Be Done in 72 Hours!

Last Update: September 10, 2020

I have a 72 Hour Perseverance Challenge for you!

Hi Folks,

Imagine if you were given a set of instructions to make a video that required:

  • To be 5 minutes in length
  • About ‘going viral’
  • To have toilet paper within the video
  • Storyline made sense
  • Be completed within 72 hours

Talk about a challenge.. Right!? I’d say near impossible!

These were the exact circumstances that some folks were up against for a recent film competition. It seemed like an overwhelming task and couldn’t be done!

Or.. could it be done?

I had the opportunity to talk to one teams who wanted to be in the competition and said the following:

“Anything can be accomplished with PERSEVERANCE...”

Well 72 hours rolled by and they ended up producing an extremely powerful piece about the realities of becoming an influencer.

Watch the video and see the results:

Perseverance can be summed up to mean you're committed to your goal and I'd say they did exactly that.

YOUR 72 Hour Perseverance Challenge!

OK, let's play a little game, I want you to write an article on your website with the following.

  • 1000 words (or more) in length
  • One H2 Tag in it
  • One internal link
  • One external link
  • Must have the word Perseverance within the article
  • Must be written within 72 hours from when you read this!
  • BONUS: If you embed the above video into your article, you will earn 1 extra point!

The above criteria can be accomplished with ANY niche website!

When you have completed the post, I want you to comment below with a link to the post so I can see! I will look at every article you post below and will choose a winner!

What do you win?

I will do an SEO Audit for your website!

Yep, if you follow all the above criteria and complete it within 72 hours, I will randomly choose 5 of the websites for an SEO Audit.

Also.. every article posted below (and matches the criteria) will get a comment from me!

Why am I doing this?

In business, we are often challenged with obsticles and with Perseverance we can overcome these challenges - AKA NEVER GIVING UP!

This fun challenge gives you an opportunity to challenge yourself with some unique elements.



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Irishredrose Premium
I am having trouble reaching 1000 words. I do have to add individual products to woocommerce so they have separate pages. Do those words count? If so, I am golden! If not then I am in trouble!

I would like to take this time to say thank you for this challenge as it did just that! Challenge me. There are several times I wanted to quit, but I decided that was the whole point of the challenge, to persevere.

There were times I questioned if I could even find the products to match my article.

I needed to find affiliate programs but would I be approved in time? No, but I was apart of Amazon so that would work for now. Basically it would not be perfect but there was a way around!

I don't think I would have ever done this type of "gift" if this had not been presented.

So again I say
Thank You!

In the meantime I am going to keep trying to reach that 1000 words!
YumaBloggers Premium Plus
If doing individual product uploads to an e-store like WooCommerce the words on separate pages won't help likely but you can add brief product descriptions or excerpts to the post to fill out the remainder of word. You also may try sprinkling in a few quotes to strengthen your research and ultimate tone.
Irishredrose Premium
That is a great idea!
Thank you!
Lex666 Premium
I always increase the intro or conclusion to add length. I also proofread and often end up adding sentences to further explain something when doing that
Irishredrose Premium
I keep trying to chip away at the intro. I am getting closer! 200 words to go!
Lex666 Premium
Yay! You’ll get there. My strategy is to write it 1,000 words without editing. Then I can go edit it and possibly add more and take some out.
Irishredrose Premium
Thank you for cheering me on! I did eventually get to 1000 words, exactly. I also think it is one of my better posts! Now that I know I can do it (even if it takes outside help) I will be pouring over old posts! I am super excited that I finished this project!
Helen123 Premium Plus
Im back! So I had a video to finish first, that I wanted to use to link to this article I am submitting to the 72 hour challenge! I have realised though that you said one internal and one external link, I hope you dont take points off for having more than one ?
Caruana Premium
Thanks Jay, this is fun. I love challenges and I like to be part of this. I had finished this post when I came across your game, so I had to amend it a bit. Kind of funny as it is not related but here you go. Cheers! Marisa
3chas80 Premium Plus
Ok Jay,
I think I got everything covered, so here is my entry! I took a bit of creativity to work perseverance and video into my bowling niche..LOL

I am really starting to like the block editor, but it does create a few challenges here and there. Must be some plug-in conflicts. However, it has saved quite a bit time for me.
Palatia Premium Plus
I really like the block editor too. I'm using it on a different site than I submitted here. :P
3chas80 Premium Plus
Hi Paula,
I did this post for Jay totally in the block editor, and it was the first one I tried in that site. It was a little sticky at first, but after I got going, it worked fine. Much quicker!
I am using the block editor in both of my sites. The most trouble I have is when I try to change old posts to the new editor. I used the wp edit plugin for different things and it doesn't play well with the block editor. Jay did tell us it plugins are a problem sometimes.
So, what I do for a work around is just rewrite the heading, or paragraph in the block editor, and delete the line I was having trouble with. Like Jay said don't try to change all the old posts. I am just playing with some old posts that need SEO updating anyway.

Chas :-)
Palatia Premium Plus
Nice! How are you liking the look?
3chas80 Premium Plus
The look is great, more appealing. I have to think up some creative ways to use it.
Chas :-)