Jay Joined a MLM Opportunity

Last Update: April 07, 2017

Hi Folks,

Today I joined an MLM opportunity called Isagenix.

They offer a variety of health related consumable products for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

I was attracted to Isagenix based on their high quality products and have seen proof of results. Here’s an image of what I personally ordered.

But here is the interesting thing...


I was drafted into it.

See when you order their products, to get the 'wholesale' pricing, there is an annual fee of $29. Similar to co-op type of business or like Costco.

But what I didn't know is that is also a fee to enroll you in their 'Business Opportunity'. So, the within this giant box I received, was a binder selling me about the amazing business and congratulating me for joining! WTF!?

Within this binder were 3 catalogues that pitch the MLM business and that I can run a thriving online business in 5 simple steps..

#3 is my personal favorite. Just share it on social media! lol

So, the big question is..

Will Jay pursue this MLM Opportunity!?

Hell no!

The fact that I was drafted into this product when I merely wanted to order their product for personal use tells me that this forced online business is not for me AND I want to keep my friends.

Be careful out there folks..
because there are MLM Opportunities lurking about.

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Mark1957 Premium
You could create and lead a team called "CREST" as in "on a crest of a wave" and use it as an acronym....

Consume the product.....
Recommend it to others.....
Expose them to the opportunity......
Sponsor them into the business.......
Teach them to do what you do......

What could possibly go wrong!!
LindaF Premium
Not much different then most of them out there. Have come across a few and was pulled in. The only one that really showed was Skinny Fiber. I didn't have success with it as a business...... But personal success yes great product and a very good opportunity. But I am not a sales person and I didn't have the passion behind it. I have met many successful people in MLM marketing. There passion is sometimes overwhelming. I can feel that passion in what I am doing know.
Bizkid55 Premium
Yes been there and done that and I have a hard time forcing things on my family and friends it's not my style and i know myself that I don't like things forced on me. I even get tired of all the nonstop emails I get daily on how to make a million dollars in no time at all but i'm smarter now through trial and error that to start a good business it takes time and effort and patience to do it right that is why I joined WA. I really wished I had known about WA before I wasted a lot of hard earned money before I did my research but that was then and this is now. Thank you Jay for all that you do and keep up the good work!
DianneBee Premium
You bet! I have used those products and I think they're very good. I know peeps who signed up to get the dealer price. But you have to buy a certain amount every month! Which, is tax deductible I'm quite sure, if you're selling. Or even writing reviews on it. Cost of business.
A friend and I did a long study on cults and one interesting thing that was revealed is that a training template used for cult mind conditioning was made into a template training for MLM groups. The MLM's buy the training or send leaders to training programs to indoctrinate their managers. Ugh.
DSL Premium
I made that mistake with Nerium. They are definitely a cult! Some of the scariest people I ever met!
Loes Premium
Doesn't have to be that bad at all Jay. I became a distributor of health products from FLP, just to get the stuff for purchase prices, it saves me 30%-35% and the products are superb.

I call myself a smart customer. There is no obligation to buy or sell, however, I am allowed to sell it as well, so a double win-win.