[Jaaxy] Solid Proof That Jaaxy is the Right Stuff

Last Update: Jan 16, 2013


I love working with Jaaxy.
Not only as a user, but as the product manager.
It is a great feeling when helping people with their questions.

One of the most common questions I get in Jaaxy support is when members ask about the data that Jaaxy reveals, how it compares with other keyword tools such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool and whether it is accurate.

It's understandable to be skeptical as people are use to not relying on other tools and their numbers.

Well.. I have SOLID proof that Jaaxy's numbers are accurate.

Remember when I did that WAbinar case study using 'Wireless Speakers for TV'?

  • I found the keyword inside Jaaxy
  • Built the website using Wordpress
  • Added Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics Tracking
  • Wrote Content
  • Marinate.. etc.
Well, I am able to correlate the numbers found in Jaaxy and the Numbers shown in my Webmaster Tools & Analytics.

* Tip: Always ensure your Webmaster Tools & Analytics are set-up right away.

Have a look..

Here is the Jaaxy search result showing: (click image to see full size)

  • 3363 Monthly Searches
  • 572 Estimated Traffic (if you're in the top spot)

Here is the Google webmaster tools screenshot showing: (click image to see full sized)

  • 5,500 Impressions (how many times the site has been showing in SERPs for that keyword)
  • 434 total clicks (based on a combination of the main keyword)

And here is the Google Analytics screenshot showing:(click image to see full size)
  • 510 Visitors within the past 30 days

As you can see, the numbers are very close!

Here is a video where I further explain it in detail.


There ya go! Solid proof that Jaaxy is awesome!

Have you had similar results? What are your thoughts and questions?

Let me know within your comments below.

Happy Jaaxy-ing!

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Jay, I just came across this post.
The beauty in this post is the simple and effective experiment you ran to show the example. Very nice!

Do you expect to see similar results if you ran the same kind of experiment today?

I am curious as I have been looking at some keyword phrases with nice potential predicted traffic ~ 1000 with low QSR < 20.
I am thinking of buying the domain but when I run the same keyword phrase in google adwords the potential looks much less exciting than what I see on Jaaxy or the WA keyword tool.

I am looking forward to your feedback.

I also had similar interesting Keywords, but then was told that it's not the same on google.

So in this case you got a domain that didn't have the for but you still get traffic when people use the for in their search, is it better to get a name like this that doesn't have the for in the keywords because it has bet SEO rank?

Hi Jay
This is really useful and I will be pointing people towards this when the subject comes up in Live Chat and people are questioning the accuracy of Jaaxy.

Personally I don't use any other tools like Google Adwords - so I'm not troubled by comparisons with other data.

Got it now, thank you

The one thing Jaaxy needs to figure out is how to not display the same search numbers for phrases that are missing the Stop Words, just like you point out in the video, time after time I see new members falling for this, thinking they've found a great keyword, but the QSR with the Stop Word is very high.

Then how do you deal with this when nearly every keyword in Jaaxy is without stop words?

I don't use jaaxy.

Which tool do you use?

I don't do much keyword research at the moment, so for myself paying to access Jaaxy doesn't make any sense, if and when I do a little keyword research I'll scrap some data from Google Instant database using a tool similar to Ubersuggest and paste into Google's keyword research tool.
I can also check the QSR and domain availability for any phrases that stand out with a few clicks.

Sorry welshy, I know this is an old post but could you please explain what you mean by Stop Words?

Stop words are like: to,for,from,at,a,etc. I'm not sure if that's the correct term I just recall someone calling them stop words.

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Awesome post Jay. There is nothing better than quantifiable data and I think this has definitely proved that.

No keyword data is perfect, but people need to understand that just because an "entity" like Google gives you a certain metric, does not mean it is 100% accurate (in particular when it comes to keywords).

Instead, they tend to be vague with their numbers. We are continually improving our algorithms at Jaaxy to further improve the "reality" of the numbers you can expect and anticipate. This post (and your video) adds real life proof of the numbers. Nice work!

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