How Twitch Helps Me Work Online

Last Update: March 28, 2020

Learn the Secret Twitch Channel That Jay Uses to Stay Focused. ;)

Hi Folks, Hope everyone is doing awesome and being productive.

Speaking of being productive. Do you ever listing to music, have the TV on or have YouTube playing while working?

I get asked all the time how I remain focused while working and there are a few different things I do while writing content or working on a client project.

But the number thing I do now is listen to Twitch!

Twitch was originally created for gamers to broadcast themselves playing video game. But as Twitch grew, so did the talent and creatives. Heck! Even Bob Ross has a Twitch channel! lol

One of the more popular things now is watching musicians and film makers which happen to be 2 big passions of mine. And I happen find a channel that offers both! (It's My Secret Twitch Channel that helps me stay productive)

Meet CA in LA

These artists play music live to help support their film career and will screen their work during the stream. Pretty rad stuff.

What I like specifically about their music is it's popular songs that are pretty chill which is a GREAT thing to listen to while working.

While plugging away, I have their channel on in the background and have noticed an increase in my own productivity. So, I thought I'd share my secret Twitch channel that helps me stay productive. Well.. it'll probably not be so secret anymore! LOL

So, if you're looking for a alternative to your music playlist, check out Twitch and if you want to try being super productive like me - check out CA in LA.

All Twitch artists are live when streaming (kinda like me with the WAbinars), so if you can't see them live, they posted schedules and have a past broadcasts area where you can watch past streams.

Here is where you can see the past live streams:

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EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Jay,

When I first saw your post I thought the Twitch you were referring to was the dancer who won So You Think You Can Dance several years ago who has been the regular DJ on the Ellen Show for the past few years.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover Twitch is a new fangled music channel.

When I clicked the link I got a commercial followed by that ever present circle going round and round. Alas this must be because of bandwidth congestion. I'll try again later.

Is it necessary to enroll to get access?


magistudios Premium Plus
Hi Edwin,

Here is where you can see the past live streams:

You can watch without an account, the commercials are how they earn revenue.
KRojas Premium
Haha right on Jay!

Some crtics and pundits in the gaming industry claim Twitch should have stayed streaming only video game content only.

I never believed in this idea because Twitch is a streaming platform afterall. While it was intended for streaming video game content there is absolutely no requirement to do so.

I got a friend who runs a channel focused on fishing. It just works for him.

Enjoy your favorite channel.
Dale123 Premium Plus
Yep, just discovered Twitch the other day myself. Twitch on TV + the HouseParty app on my phone have made for some great virtual music festivals over the past week lol.

In the stream last night one dude donated $5.5k alone, not sure how much they raised in total but that's some pretty crazy stuff. Definitely a lot of potential on there for streamers.
Mick18 Premium
I haven't heard of Twitch, but I will definitely check it out. Thanks!
Have a wonderful weekend,
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Jay, I haven't heard of Twitch before, will give it a look.