Google Has a New Social Media Platform!

Last Update: July 20, 2021

Hi Folks,

I'm very KEEN to tell you about Google's new social media platform called.. KEEN!

I've been working with Keen for a few months now and is very similar to Pinterest and is showing some incredible results and possibilities for us as bloggers.

Keen leverages the Google Search index, combined with user feedback to provide personalized recommendations that improve over time and help you expand your marketing efforts.

** LIVE KEEN Training **

I've lined up some training for you so you can learn see the results I have been obtaining and how you get achieve the same results.

Dominating with Keen (Google's Answer to Pinterest)

What you'll learn

* An Overview of Keen
* Building Keens from Scratch
* Adding Gems to Your Keens
* How to Use Keen for Research
* Let's Do Some Keen LIVE!
* Live Q & A Session

>> Access the Live Class Here <<

Stay Keen my Friends.. Stay Keen.


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roysinOnline Premium Plus
Awesome, Jay. I am always KEEN to learn about new resources that can leverage our blogs and business.

I was surprised to see your blog post about KEEN since I am a KEEN user of Google and their tools I can´t seem to remember to have seen any info about it.

Looking forward to the live class 😃💯

FrankB-1 Premium Plus
Great, Thanks, Jay!
Isaiah14 Premium
I'm not quite keen to leaving Pinterest just yet, Jay - but I'll give Keen a chance
GauravGaur Premium
Hope Keen is not as complicated as Pinterest....looking forward for the training.