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January 09, 2014
I was going to make this a discussion first,but,then decided it would go better as a blog post. I named my blog DODGING INTERNET SCAMS, as you can see. I have gotten on someones radar some where. Day after day I keep getting emails from someone wanting to give me money. Some of them say they have already set up an account and all I have to do is sign in and pick up my $375.00. I was wandering. What about all these offers I keep getting in my email. These offers usually offer to guarantee m
Greetings all. Frank here. This blog is about me trying to upload Banners and Adds to my web site. Several members have left suggestions and helpful ideas and I really appreciate the help and directions. Boomer checked out my site and told me that all the Banners and Adds I loaded did appear on my website. Mystery to me. Lcadataentry added that I should be sure I had Javascript loaded. Haven't checked but will. I am new to this computer thing. I retired three years ago and started to tr
December 02, 2013
I woke up this morning and, you know what time of year this is? Right dead in the middle of winter. Monday December 2nd 2013. Can't wait till 2014, I just do not like the letter 13, UGH! In my auction I never have a number 13. Any way where was I? Yes. I was talking about this winter weather we are having here in Central Texas. Do you know why I brought up the weather? Because it was 69 for the high today, and 89 high for Tuesday, and Wednesday will be in the high 60's and Wednesday night
November 23, 2013
Thanksgiving with family and friends. Get together and catch up on past events new births jobs and all the good things that happen in every bodys lives. I can thank God for my good health, wife and family. I am retired today and I realloy never thought I would reach 66. But I have and here I am. Changes. Talk about changes. What about asking your kids how many Phone Booths they have seen? Response will probably be---What is a phone booth? Computers. These things change more often than you
SOME PROGRESS AT WA Hi folks. Frank here and I wanted to write this little blog about some of my progress here at Wealthy Affiliate. When I started last month at level one Lesson one I started with "scepticle interest". Meaning I was leary of getting drawn into another sceam to part me from my money. Unfortunately I have spent a lot of money on systems in the past. Now I have gotten training before but you had to already be computer literate. Fr
November 12, 2013
So. Monday was Veterans Day. Personally, I enjoyed it very much. I didn't do anything special, didn't go to any parades or gatherings or visit the traveling wall in Magnolia. You know I do not talk about my tour in Biet Nam. Actually I don't watch any shows or documentarys of that time of my life. And as far as that goes I don't watch TV at all. I was there and now I am moving on. Some times I still get emotional about my tour of duty there. I sincerly hope that every one tried to say