Don't be Afraid to Ask Questions!

Last Update: April 22, 2016

Got to Start Somewhere...

I was looking over some of the questions that I had asked in the early stages of my journey here at WA just last night.

Looking back at them, some of the answers to those questions seem so obvious now. In fact, some of the questions I had asked seemed almost a little cringeworthy as I glanced over them a second time.

But hey, I got prompt and accurate answers thanks to the helpful community here. So at the end of the day it was worth asking and saved me a lot of confusion at the time. Nothing worse than going around in circles for hours merely because of not being able to solve something that's quite simple, particularly when this time can be invested productively elsewhere.

Before Posting a Question:

It pays to keep the obvious in mind i.e. doing a little research to see if your question has been asked before, as chances are it has. The "Search" bar is great for this and you can locate training tutorials, questions and blogs at the click of a button.

Answering Questions:

Not everyone thinks of that however, so it's good to perform a search for others when attempting to answer their question. Simply sharing a link or two to other WA blogs can oftentimes back up your answer with authority and can open up a world of insight to the person asking the question.

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend! :)


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jokoss Premium
I am agree with your idea. But some time anyone will not spend the time take journey to find the same question for the answer, and the last is relation with the rank on WA, absolutely that is a great idea.
Mac01 Premium
Thanks for your contribution, Jokoss, you're absolutely right. Have a great weekend my friend!
tntand1963 Premium
Yes it is true you should think about your situation and where the answers lie. It is usually a simple answer but we tend to get overly worried
Relax and consider your problem 99% of the time we can actually answer our own questions
I love you all
W A rocks
Mac01 Premium
Well said Tony! WA has developed to the stage where most of the answers out there exist already. Having said that, if we have a genuine question and we've searched already it's great having the option to ask away!
RobinHudson Premium
Hey Thomas! How are things in Hobart? My question process was similar. First I asked 'cringeworthy' questions, then I looked for the answer in the answer bar, and then I looked up answers to help others and try to give them a link. The best part is, you know the link because you looked it up and learned from it...
Mac01 Premium
Things are good in Hobart, Robin, thanks for asking! You've hit the nail on the head there, quite often the discussion threads answer all the questions already and there is no need to have the conversation the second time around! Best.
joyweb Premium
Have a great weekend.
Mac01 Premium
Thank you and same to you Joyweb!
Brookline Premium
Such very good advice .. Taken note of
Mac01 Premium
And thank you David, appreciate you reading and commenting. Best!