Make Your Site Look More Professional: Change Your Favicon!​

Last Update: August 27, 2014

What's your favicon? It's the image beside your site name in your browser tab, see that ghastly looking red ladder thing? Ew, let's get rid of it!

Step 1: Watch the first half of this video that will provide you with a free tool to create your favicon, just watch up to the part where you download the image to your computer.

Step 2: There should either be an option in your "theme settings" to upload your favicon, in which case you just upload it. If it's not part of your theme, you will have to download a plug in. Watch this video to show you how:

May your favicon nightmares be over. Good day!

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Very nice, thanks!
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Thanks for the useful information Lyra. Blessings!
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Anything to help make people's lives easier :)
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Wow. More awesome info.
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Your welcome Jean, and thanks!