The Invitations Are Flying In!

Last Update: May 08, 2018

I am so excited - suddenly I have a busting social life again. Since becoming a mom life has become not exactly boring, but certainly more sedate and quiet.

When I leave my home it is just to lift my kids to school and back and to go grocery shopping. Oh no wait, sometimes on a Friday night I go completely wild and attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting down the road.

Get the picture? A decade ago I used to be the life of the parrty - I would be out and about every single night of the week. Ok mostly embarrassing myself and getting alcohol poisoning... but I was still busy. I used to call myself a social butterfly but I was more like a train wreck.

Then I got clean and spent my days being involved with the 12 step fellowship and I still had a very active social life.

Now being a mom and in a small town things have been so quiet for so long... however recently things have started changing and it is exciting.

In the last 2 weeks I have been invited to 3 social engagements through my blogging - one is the #MommyHero event tomorrow where I am meeting up with Lauren. I have also been invited to a PR event for LG next week in Cape Town and I had to say yes since I did two big influencer jobs for LG along with awesome freebies (a fancy microwave and washing machine)... and now today I have been invited to a PR lunch event for Netflix which is happening tomorrow in Cape Town and as luck would have it I am already in Cape Town so maybe I can go from the #MommyHero event through to a free lunch! I am just waiting on the time for the Neflix event.

Oh my word I am going to have to go shopping for new clothing at this rate - I've only got comfy mom clothing now since I barely leave the house!

Obviously my name is getting around in the right circles now, so this is really exciting for me. I

Bring it ON!

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GailLowe Premium
Very exciting Lynne. You deserve it. I understand the issue totally. Go out and enjoy it. Gail
Gordon-D Premium
I so admire you Lynne, well done keep it going :-)
Jackiex4 Premium
Exciting times Lynne. I'm so pleased for you... and what a wonderful excuse to buy some new outfits
LynneHuy Premium
I know Jackie - I can literally book it as a business expense too! I love it.
davehayes Premium
Nice post, very revealing and thanks for sharing. what I am sure will inspire oithers
KatieMac Premium
Can relate to your post Lynne and I actively encourage my daughters to make time for some social events especially my oldest who has four children and since writing is her passion got her to join a writing club so now she has outings it is important to have a balance.. hope you enjoy your wee events