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When I first started working online I struggled to understand how I could make money without having an online store. This is why I set up an online store and sold my own products. Then I found Wealthy Affiliate and this changed the game for me in a huge way. It took just 6 months for me to decide to close my online store and pursue other ways of making money online. Now while Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to make money in a number of different ways the truth is that your online money mak
So much has changed since I first started working online and looking back I can't believe what I have managed to learn and achieve in just 6 short years. I was very naive when I launched my online baby store. I had someone design me a website and I was so excited... here's what I wish I knew then. 1. A Website Does Not Equal TrafficYes it may sound crazy but I thought when I had an online baby store if someone typed "online baby store" into a search engine I would be found. I thought it was as
I took so long to try out push notifications, but now that I have I am kicking myself and wishing I had started long ago when I first became aware of it. Push notifications is a live notification from a website when you are online. I set this up a few months ago on my parenting website and I have already gained over 1400 subscribers. This in itself is awesome, but I have found that creating a new push notification to send to my subscribers takes me just a few minutes, compared to some emails th
Wealthy Affiliate has until yesterday been such a safe space for me, a place where I can trust not to be harassed and a place that is spam and scam free. However it has now become clear that WA is not always going to be free from the BS of the outside world. No matter what unsavory characters will find their way into all corners of the world. This is just a sad fact of life. This does NOT make WA a bad place it just means that we must all as a community stick together and give these people that
Something that has become so common place on social media, especially on Facebook, is being hit on. At least once a week I get a message on Facebook from some random male that I don't know. They usually say they "find my profile attractive" and want to be friends and get to know me better.So yesterday I got hit on here in WA via private message from a member. The same drill about how he finds my profile attractive. To any man on WA that hits on me here, let me share my full feelings here with y
I have learned so much since starting at Wealthy Affiliate in June 2015. When I started here I already had one website and I then launched another 2 in my first month of joining. All 3 of those websites earn me an income today, making up a full time income. However I still have debt, I still have to buy myself a house and my car is a 2000 model that is soon going to start costing me more in repairs than its worth so I want to buy a new car... I need to make MORE money. I need to start putting m
The most beautiful thing about blogging for me is being able to take something of my life, whether it be good or bad, and share it with the world. Whenever I have shared something really awful that has happened to me I have found that the process of writing about it has been healing. When I publish that story I get people contacting me to share their own experiences and this is healing for me and for them. I recently lost my baby and it has been such a traumatic and sad time in my life. I share
This is something I was just not prepared for and I have been floored by it. For the last week plus I have been having feelings of discomfort in my abdomen. On Friday 12th January I thought it was a bladder infection so I treated it as such... the pain went away a bit so I thought it was resolved. A few days later I thought I was constipated and took a laxative... all seemed a bit better after a good session in the bathroom. Then on Saturday I was having quite bad pains and called my doctor and
January 09, 2018
Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you all had an amazing festive season and that you have started the new year with a bang :) From me, things are starting off well and I am so excited to see what 2018 brings me. My websites are doing great, my income is a little up and down, but every month I earn enough to get by on. My goal for last year was to build my name and my authority, I kept all my pricing low and the orders flew in all year but I had to do a load of work for the amount of money I br
November 24, 2017
Finally, I have gone yearly! Last year I had an unexpected expense as Black Friday approached and even though I had planned on going yearly then it just didn't happen! This morning I was so excited to take advantage of the awesome Black Friday offer! Yes this will save me a fortune in the long run!Happy Black Friday to you all!