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Some days are run of the mill days and other days are different but there are some things that don't change and that I do every single day of my life. Here are 12 things that I do every day no matter what. 1. Drink Coffee I may have one cup of coffee to start my day and I might follow this up with another 10 to keep me going or I may just have that one morning cup of coffee.. but my day starts with a cup of coffee without fail. If something tries to come inbetween me and my morning coffee then
I remember about mid-way through 2013 when I was struggling to get traffic to my online store and I was discussing some things with my sister that is a web developer. She was advising me on how to make my website better and how to drive traffic to my site. I was pregnant with my second child, I had a very strong willed toddler and I had my own business. I tried to take in all these things she was telling me I needed to do and I told her if I atttempt to learn one more new thing my head will exp
When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate I spend so much time on this website. I sucked up everything I could, I was so hungry for information since I had been working online for a few years already but battling to find the right way to do things. I found Wealthy Affiliate one day while trying to figure things out and as soon as I saw what was here I was so excited - I started the first training course and I wizzed through it and I needed more. I whipped out my credit card on the same day I found
I am so excited, I have just bought my name domain and now I don't know what I am going to do with it LOL. I've been meaning to get around to doing it for a while and today was as good a day as any.Who else has bought their name name domain and what do you use it for?
March 17, 2018
Just for a giggle I wanted to share some funny things that people have said to me this year. 1. Will You Replace Your Affiliate Links With Mine? Yes I kid you not. I got an email from someone saying that they were struggling to get their affiliate marketing efforts going and they noticed that we promote a lot of the same things, so would I mind replacing my affiliate links with theirs on my website for a short period of time? Just to, you know, kick start off their business. 2. Ok Just Send Me
Last year March I starting turning off Facebook and investigating Pinterest which I had always considered not only to be a deadend but also to be a bit of an enigma. I could not figure out how to use it before and decided to either give it all I had or give it up as a timewaster. Here is a screenshot of my Google Analytics for Pinterest since March 2017 until today. Now while I wouldn't call myself an expert on Pinterest, I have created quite a bit of training on it while learning about how to
I just have to share this because I am so excited. I have just gotten confirmation of my biggest influencer job ever! Last week Friday I got confirmation of my biggest ever influencer job ever. I quoted them $210 for a blog post, Youtube video and social shares of my blog post. Do you know what they replied? Their budget is $340 for me can I make a plan to fill their budget? OMG what a crazy request, yes of course I can! So I revised my quotation to include some extras to help increase the reac
In 2016 I reviewed two money making scams in South Africa - to me they looked like they were set up by the exact same person and I said as much in my reviews. I ranked on #1 on Page 1 for both of these scams as well as on page one for my Youtube video. At the time of writing my reviews I could not ascertain for sure who the person was behind it so I just left that information out. I had loads of engagement on all content related to those scams. Many people that had been scammed mentioned the na
March 10, 2018
For a long time now I have seen a decline in the content on Facebook. Most Facebook groups are a complete joke with scam after scam being shared. In addition to that all the fake news and clickbait titles...well let's just say that I used to be a fan of Facebook but not any more! When I look at my feed and see the rubbish being shared I just want to close my account. BUT I have never done that because I have an awesome Facebook page for my business of 58 000+ fans. It used to be that I could sh
Great news peeps! I made my first affiliate sale on my brand new website yesterday. I have had 2 clicks on my Amazon links and 1 order. I feel like screaming and jumping for joy! That is a 50% conversion rate and my website was only launched just over a week ago. I can't wait to see what was bought and how much the commission is... it hasn't shipped yet so I have to wait for that info. Today I published my second blog post on that website and I am so excited to see the results. It looks like al