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There are so many people that want to know if this program really works. So I wanted to share my progress with Amazon sales with you all today. Now it is important to note that Amazon is not something I have made a big focus until recently. The reason being is that when I joined WA in 2015 my website was an online store targeting South Africa. In February 2016 I changed that website to a blog and closed my online store. It has taken a lot of time and effort to to get US traffic to my blog and t
April 11, 2018
Us South Africans have a rather strange and complicated relationship with the concept of "now". If you are anywhere else in the world now means now. In South Africa this is a completely different story. I can literally picture in my mind all the South Africans reading this post nodding in understanding and all the non-South Africans shaking their heads in puzzlement thinking well what on earth is this woman talking about? Now means now... duh? I recently had a conversation with someone from the
It's been a while since I updated about my Fiverr earnings and I have to tell you all that Fiverr has been a steady source of income since that happy day in November 2016 when I uploaded my first gig and got my first sale within an hour!Fiverr oh my gosh what fun!I then updated everyone about my earnings after about a month - I made $188 within about the first month... not a huge amount but certainly not bad at all trying out something new!Fiverr Success One Month In and WOW!It is now about 18
I did it, I am so excited and happy. I've been working on increasing my Google Adsense income for a while now and I always set myself goals that I want to achieve. My last goal was to reach a monthly minimum earning of R1000 (appr $82.62) which means that I am earning the minimum amount required for Google Adsense to pay me out each month. I have been reaching that goal for the last 8 months which is awesome and means I get income from Google Adsense regularly. For this year my first goal was t
Here's the truth I detest wearing makeup. I don't like the way it feels on my skin.I don't like the time and effort it takes to apply the makeup, or the extra time and effort it takes at the end of the day to remove it. I also don't like the expense... but let's face it if you are a woman today you feel the pressure to look beautiful don't you? Personally on a day to day basis I am not really worried but when I do Youtube videos I usually put on makeup and sometimes when I know I am going to ta
I was recently asked by a blogging friend of mine what platforms, tools and websites I make use of regularly. Judging by her jaw dropping I think she was expecting me to give a list of maybe 5 things but my list is a little more comprehensive than that and the more I thought about it the longer my list became! So for anyone interested to know about the things I use almost every single day here it is:Wealthy AffiliateWell this is quite obvious, since I am here writing a blog aren't I. I use Weal
April 03, 2018
Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes yesterday - I am blown away by how many people sent me messages and there is just no way for me to reply to every single one! So much for keeping it quiet with Lauren writing me a Happy Birthday post!What an amazing weekend and birthday I had. This is the first time I have had my birthday fall on the Easter weekend, well as far as I can remember anyway.My older sister was born on Easter Sunday and last year my younger sister had her birthday on Ea
Something I started about 18 months ago is posting guest posts on my website and it has really helped me to grow my business in a big way. Here are three awesome benefits of publishing guest posts on my websites that I love:1. Extra Income Yes I charge people an admin fee for taking the time to publish guest posts on my websites. I get loads of enquiries daily and I have found that the more I charge to publish guest posts the higher the quality of the articles that are submitted. I currently ch
What are we all working for? The simple and quick answer is that we are all here to make money. But why do we want this money, what is it all for? I know exactly what I want money for. It is so that I can afford to be at home and spend more time with my children. I want to be here to do homework with my kids in the afternoons. I want to lift them to sport and watch them play in matches. I want to lift them to birthday parties and I want to stay at home with my kids and look after them when they
Something that I have being seeing quite regularly in chat are negative people that land up being rude towards other members that are trying to help them. This has happened again this evening. I watched a discussion going on between a member and everyone else that was trying to assist. I didn't take part in what was going on but just watched the interactions. It became quite clear to me very quickly that it didn't matter what anyone said to this person, it would not make a difference. It is im