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Wealthy Affiliate offers absolutely everything that you need in order to build your own online business and earn an income. This I know for a fact because I have done it myself and over the last close to 3 years I have seen people arrive here as newbies, I have seen them grow and succeed. I have met some incredibly successful online marketers here. However I have also seen a lot of failure too. I have seen people leave with resentment saying that WA does not work and that they wasted their mone
While scouting around for websites to review for my MMO niche website I came across Clixsense and in the beginning I wasn't really a fan. However when many people told me to give it more of a chance I went back to give it another chance. Every day I logged in and did everything I could on the website to make money and I made a little bit of money. I started to enjoy it a bit more, even though for me it is not something that I would do every day to make money because you earn so little for your
Last week we received news - completely out of the blue might I add - that Saldanha Bay would be without water in 7 days time. Now while we all know in South Africa that we are running short on water and many towns have strict water restrictions, including us, we never knew that a crisis like this was so close. Cape Town which is 150kms away from us has D-Day looming - the day when the dams are completely dry and there will be no water. This has been in the news non-stop for months. Thankfully
I know that a lot of people like to use their mobile or their computer to keep notes but I'm old school. I love writing out ideas and notes and this is something that I do all the time. I am constantly coming up with new ideas for my blogs - for instance when I am researching keywords for a specific article I might come across loads of new ideas - yes I save them to keyword lists in Jaaxy but often new ideas will be sparked off too, so I jot them down in my book. When I am researching informati
How do you know what you are doing is making a real impact on your website traffic? When you look back over time and see how your traffic has increased don't you want to know exactly what you did that made that spike in traffic? I do and that's why I use Google Annotations - little notes that I make on Google Analytics that I can look back on. The image above shows you the annotations I made at the time for growing my Pinterest traffic so I can clearly see what I did. What Is A Google Annotatio
Honestly I have never heard of the Majestic Million before, but today I received an email from someone about some Crytocurrency offer and they mentioned they found me listed in the Majestic Million. So I looked it up and as per the Majestic website the Majestic Million is a listing of the top Million websites in the world. So I popped my website in to check and oh my word I am one in a million! I'm not sure how awesome this is but I have to say I feel like my work for the day is done. Now I jus
I'm so excited because I have a confirmed date with a WA member! But before you go thinking I am cheating on my husband I'll just let you know that its Lauren. The reason why it is so exciting is because we have become firm friends through WA and we regularly chat on Whatsapp and share tips and leads with each other but we have never met face to face because I live 150km away.We have both personally been invited to the #MommyHero event that is happening in Cape Town in May and I just checked th
Blogging is not just about writing your post and publishing, there are lots of little things that you need to do and this is why I love checklists. This is my basic checklist that I use when publishing my blog posts to make sure I have not left anything out. 1. Add AdsenseI add Adsense ads to almost every single blog post that I publish. It does not bring in a huge amount of money, but it brings in regular residual income which is growing nicely. My monthly Adsense income is approximately $100
We all want to grow our followers base and to increase our reach - we want traffic and we want sales to reach our ultimate goal of making money. Something I see often on social media (and on occasion here at WA) are people trying to get themselves followed in ways that in my opinion don't work very well.I've been seeing it more regularly here at WA where members are clearly trying to get me to follow them. I can tell you right now that these tactics won't work with me for these reasons:I very r
I find working online very unpredictable but exciting, there are days when I am not very busy with influencer jobs on my website which means I am free to do whatever I enjoy when it comes to my website and then I get sudden rushes with influencer jobs, sponsored posts and publishing guest posts and suddenly my life gets a bit crazy trying to get all the jobs done on time an manage my household while looking after my kids. This is one of these times where I wake up one morning and my inbox is fu