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I'm not a master of everything..... yet. What I like to do is to focus on one thing until I have mastered it and understand it fully before moving onto the next thing. I know that WA focuses mainly on affiliate marketing but I came across WA when I already had an online store of my own and I didn't know how to work my website or do online marketing. First I mastered how to work my website and how to perform SEO. Then I focused on building up my authority in my niche and start working on growing
Today I was phoned by a courier company saying they had a delivery for me and would I be home in the afternoon... it wasn't a very good line so I didn't know what it was about and said yes I would be home. I went to fetch my kids and forgot about it. We had lunch and then my phone rang - the delivery was here and would I open the gate. It was a surprise hamper from one of our local bread suppliers - a huge bag filled to the brim with sweets and easy mix muffins, pancakes and scones. The driver
Yesterday was a busy day with taking my kids to a birthday party so it was a whole lot of crazy going on. Amidst this craziness I was having a sad day. I felt teary and down. It was only last night that I joined the dots and realized that yes I have two amazing children and it was nearly Mother's Day but I have also suffered a devastating loss this year when I had a miscarriage in January. It has taken a long time to find some peace and it still hurts when I think about it, but it is not on my
This week has been so busy and exciting! On Wednesday I got to meet Lauren and Jill in person at the Mommy Hero event held by Happy Event. We got on like a house on fire - which I knew we would since we have been in such close contact for the last at least year plus. I also got to meet some other bloggers and a South African celebrity! She was so awesome and friendly too, not quite what I expected. I really hit it off with another blogger that has a baking blog - she is on the Expresso Show on
I am so excited - suddenly I have a busting social life again. Since becoming a mom life has become not exactly boring, but certainly more sedate and quiet. When I leave my home it is just to lift my kids to school and back and to go grocery shopping. Oh no wait, sometimes on a Friday night I go completely wild and attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting down the road. Get the picture? A decade ago I used to be the life of the parrty - I would be out and about every single night of the week. Ok
Watching my Pinterest reach increase has been absolutely incredible. I don't know what my reach was last year but my main business Pinterest account now has a monthly reach of 544000 which is pretty darn sweet if you ask me. This has resulted in 12 000 visitors to my website last month and it is growing steadily. Just over a year ago I would have been lucky to hit 100 Pinterest visitors in a month. The funny thing is that I don't even log into my Pinterest business accounts, I conduct all my Pi
This morning I met up with Jaco for the first time for some coffee and of course a milkshake - I find those hard to resist. It was so awesome to finally meet up with him, after meeting here at WA we became Facebook friends and later connected on Whatsapp - we have been planning to meet up for months on end. Last year I bought a canvas with my kids printed on it for my parents for their Christmas present - little did I know that the owner of the business was Jaco! However I asked my hubby to col
This featured image was taken a few minutes ago from where I am sitting, tucked up in my bed in my bedroom while I work. I know that a lot of people say that working from bed is not good for your posture but for me I absolutely love it. Winter is on its way so while it may look like a stunning day there is a still a chill in the mornings, so being tucked under my blanket and being warm and cosy rocks. I can remember plenty of days getting up in the dark and having to put something smart on (ie
Now that I have built few of my own websites since joining Weathy Affiliate I have a set process of things that I do as soon as my website has been set up that I consider to be very important. Here are the first 5 things I do with every new website:Add SSLYou can activate your security certificate with WA at any time but I like to flip that switch as soon as I have built my website. It is literally the first thing that I do every single time. My reasoning for this is that when you start adding
I am so happy and excited to report that my very first Amazon check payment is on its way! It feels like such a long time has passed since I made my first Amazon sale until today. Wooohooo 1st Amazon Sales!The thing is that affiliate marketing has not been a huge focus of mine when it comes to my main business website as I get in a huge amount of work for influencer jobs, sponsored posts and guest posts which is what is currently keeping me afloat financially. It's not that I haven't wanted to