Sorry I Am Quiet - Busy with $150+ Days

Last Update: April 17, 2018

I find working online very unpredictable but exciting, there are days when I am not very busy with influencer jobs on my website which means I am free to do whatever I enjoy when it comes to my website and then I get sudden rushes with influencer jobs, sponsored posts and publishing guest posts and suddenly my life gets a bit crazy trying to get all the jobs done on time an manage my household while looking after my kids.

This is one of these times where I wake up one morning and my inbox is full of enquiries and payments for guest posts are flying in, I log into Fiverr and I see that I have over $300 worth of orders waiting for me and the clock is ticking.

Suddenly my carefully planned schedule of posts I want to write is out the window. Part of my schedule is to log onto WA and spend a bit of time here... but that is clearly not going to be a reality for the next 1-2 weeks!

If you don't hear from me I am busy make money, I will be back when things are back to normal again!

Until things calm down.... have a great week peeps!

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RaniaM Premium
Dear Lynne
I wish you great success in your business.. We will miss you! Don't be long away
Alan Hocking Premium
Business first! :)
Memorylaneuk Premium
The community is here to support us when needed and sometimes we have time to give back and sometimes we don’t. Glad to hear you are so busy and making money.
With Grace and Gratitude
newmarketpro Premium
Wow.. Absent for more kah ching...
Great incom Lynne..
Wish you A lot more success
RCollis Premium
I hope we don’t hear from you for quite some time. Of course that would mean you are busy with family and Nanking money. That is one of your primary goals I believe. So be well and we will hear from you when you are able. Best wishes.