Mass Planner Shut Down

Last Update: June 03, 2017

I was using Mass Planner for close to a year with some absolutely outstanding results for my social media marketing.

Mass Planner sent an email recently saying that they have now closed down, it has to do with Facebook and Instagram taking action against automated software.

Then a few weeks later they sent an email stating that they will continue to run for current customers but without any Facebook and Instagram options... plus the price increased from $9.99 per month to $19.99 per month for much less.

So I decided not to carry on with them since the main thing that I needed Mass Planner for was to send content out to all my accounts. Yes I did use the software to find and join some groups on Facebook as well as grow my Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The issue that I think they had was with all the automated messages that people were sending out, you know all those seriously annoying messages? Oh and automated comments too...

I can certainly see why Facebook and Instagram got annoyed because I did too!

While I believe that I used the software in the correct way I have seen how so many people have used it to spam people which is not the way to do online marketing.

Anyway I am going to disable the few tutorials I published for Mass Planner

And if anyone is interested I am back to Social Jukebox which I am using for my biggest accounts so I can post my content to my Facebook page and Twitter accounts.

It costs $19.99 a month and while I am not getting close to the functionality I was with Mass Planner I am getting the most important functionalities for my business at this stage.

Happy Saturday!

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roamy Premium
Im terrible in SM so I thought of using Mass planner but felt I did not have enough followers to justify using it.Thanks for the info.
LynneHuy Premium
You can use social jukebox for free but the account is very limited!
laurenjean Premium Plus
I was waiting for this post Lynne to give me some clarity on why Mass Planner shut down. Thanks for clarifying.
LynneHuy Premium
It is a pleasure Lauren :)
halinphilly Premium
As a rule, I never use any software that does all my social tasks automatically. The search engines and social sites such as Facebook constantly change their rules and algorithms to prevent spam and other forms of gaming the system. For every one person who uses such software responsibly, there are many who abuse the power these tools give them, thus ruining it for everyone.
LynneHuy Premium
Yes and I saw it so much... I had someone keep commenting on posts I made in Facebook groups and it was so obviously automated and it ticked me off. I eventually blocked that person... sad thing is that I recognized that person from here.
drcmaint Premium
Well, you have to do what you have to do. Good luck.
VRosendahl Premium
Great info! Thanks