Just turned down $300, integrity can sting at times!

Last Update: October 06, 2016

Remember I have spoke a few times about being true to yourself and what you believe in?

Well sometimes it can sting a little, or a lot.

Today I just got a job offer on Webfluential for $300. It would involve me doing one blog post on my mommy blog, creating one Youtube video and embedding it in that post and sharing that post once on all my social media accounts.

So this would be a quick job, just one morning while my kids are at school. Sounds great right?

Well no, not really you see it is for an MLM opportunity and I detest those. I have written a number of scathing posts on how I feel about MLM on my online marketing website.

Firstly I won't be able to sleep at night or happily spend my "blood money" knowing that people are signing up because I was paid to write a great review about their opportunity.

Secondly imagine what that would do to my reputation when someone that follows all my blogs reads that I am now promoting an MLM opportunity.... oh dear no thank you, nobody would trust me ever again. They would wonder if I am being paid to promote products or whether that is how I really feel.

And yes of course I get paid by people to write reviews, often in fact. I do have a policy though and that is if I can't write an honest good review I will not do the job.

So that was a bit of a stinger today.

I can now afford to be picky and choosy with my jobs which is awesome, but remember that when you are in the same position and you are struggling to put food on the table... please still stick to what you believe in.

In the long run it will pay off and your readers will trust you all the more for it.

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trailhound Premium
Hi, Lynne. I am so proud of you for standing up for your integrity.
Not only do you feel better about yourself, but you have shone a beacon for myself and others to follow as well.
The way integrity may not always be the easier softer way, but it is certainly the freer way.
Marketeer1 Premium
Hi Lynne, I totally get what you are about. Integrity is a quality and a virtue that many marketers fall down on. Knowing that you believe in something which cannot be traded or bought brings a smile of happiness to my face :)

Well done you.

Have a great day,

All the best,
LynneHuy Premium
Anthony, exactly. What I am finding is that money is now flying my way, people are offering me jobs and I just don't have enough time to get to everything.

Someone commented below that your website doesn't all have to be about things you agree with and I really disagree with this.

The moment you start posting BS on your website is the day that you are letting yourself down in my opinion!
Marketeer1 Premium
Hi Lynne,
Absolutely. You either believe in something or you don't. How can you expect anyone to respect your opinion when on the sly you do a 180 turn. I think ultimately it is about being true and honest to oneself. Having looked at your websites..it's so refreshing to meet an authentic and genuine person..as there are all to many fakes around these days. Nice to meet you Lynne...if there is anyway I can ever be of assistance to you, please message me. All the best,
sherlock77 Premium
I don't know. Your website doesn't have to be about everything you like or agree with. Remember you are filling it with content for other people. While MLM might not be for you, and as you say you've stated that on your website, we all know many people love MLM and look for MLM opportunities.

Unless it's a dodgy company, you could still do the promo while reiterating that you're not a fan of MLM, but that some of your readers - who may be fans of this business model - might like to check it out.

I personally don't like MLM either, but I personally know heaps of people who absolutely love MLM schemes. They know I don't like them, but if I came across one I thought they would like, I would definitely tell them about it.

It's a tricky situation to be in though, wanting some cash, but not wanting to write about something you personally don't believe in.
LynneHuy Premium
Ugh no lol. I don't want any money from MLM....

I always want cash of course, who doesn't? But it is more important to me to write about what I love.

I do write negative reviews, loads of them LOL but that is not me being paid.
LindaRiel Premium
I know how that feels. I found this program that I though could have potential, so I jumped in to investigate and it turns out it's pretty much bullsh*t.

I could have promoted their products and getting up $1000 per sale commission by just sending them traffic. But I feel I couldn't possibly promote something like that with a clear consciense.

It definitely stings, but on the other hand feels really good too.
LindaRiel Premium
I just realised that I read a little trick somewhere that another blogger uses.

She uses it for when her partners basically just need a quality back link. So she writes up a post with the links in the post and then publishes it somewhere, where her readers don't see it.

Maybe it doesn;t apply here, but perhaps for a future situation, you might be able to cash in on the offer.
LynneHuy Premium
Thanks for the idea, but this was specifically for posting on my website.

Like you say it is not the end of the world and it also feels good with the sting.
EvieSmith Premium
I am going to completely agree with you. I found myself almost in the same position as you this week. Was offered a 3 month contract at £300 a day (rate was a bit low for a multi national company). however when I looked the company up I realised they were a chemical manufacturer that tested on animals. I actually felt good turning them down.

Your integrity is important and it should not sting as you did the right thing.
LynneHuy Premium
Oh how awful! I totally agree with you on that one, no thank you.
AriefWibowo Premium
I am still ok with MLM. But I think I will say that I am ok with Amway but detest other. LOL.

Yeah.. I was one of the direct marketers.

But currently, I will not promote any MLM company. If it is legit, I will say legit. But if it is shoddy, I will say shoddy.

Integrity is important!
marcand Premium
"This above all to thine own self be true." - Polonius, Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 3

You mentioned "They would wonder if I am being paid to promote products or whether that is how I really feel."

Please be aware that the FTC requires any paid blog posts/reviews to explicitly state that in the post/review itself.

I'm sorry you've had a bad experience or view of MLM businesses. Some have been in business over 60 years. If the focus is on a legitimate product, it can be a lucrative distribution model. Many industries use this (insurance sales, for example).

Best of luck in your continued success here at WA!
LynneHuy Premium
Yes I know some people can be successful with MLM but I truly believe those are far and few between... kinda like a pyramid scheme.

Yes I know about letting people know that posts are paid reviews. But some people will say anything if you line their pocket. It is important to me that my readers know that whether I am being paid or not I am still writing my 100% true feelings and findings about a product or business.

If I don't do this, how will people trust me?
katkatskitchen Premium
If you are as old as me you would know it is a pyramid scheme and as such it's not scalable no matter how long they have been in business
MyraBeth Premium
I know how you feel. I thought I found an honest online job but it turned out to be phoning people and pressuring them to purchase (I can't even remember what it was - some kind of 'service'). I was being trained to not accept a 'no' and to not give people a chance to think it over.

Sorry, that is so wrong. People should be able to say no, and to be able to think over whether or not they want to purchase a product or service. I just could not continue making money in such a dishonest way.

So grateful to have found Wealthy Affiliate. No pressure, (we are taught to serve others) learn at your own pace, and lots of support from the community. And we are all building a legitimate and honest online business.
theresroth Premium
Oh, Lynne, sometimes I really think WA is the ONLY platform that doesn't try things like that......

There is truly no neediness or want being passed on down here, just instruction, help, support, security and excellent contacts.....

Are Kyle and Carson the only smart ones out there?

Good for us, of course.......☺
LynneHuy Premium
Sometimes I think they are the only ones LOL.

It really is awful how some people conduct themselves.
JeffL61 Premium
Good for you Lynne in the decision that you made, a very honorable one. I find it detestable how people can take such an opportunity that you passed up looking solely at it from the viewpoint of the $$ that they would make.

As you indicated about your own self, how would these people be able to sleep soundly at night knowing what they did truly was wrong?

Good for you Lynne! Sometimes it's a bit more than the money you could make when it also means choosing between right and wrong!

LynneHuy Premium
Well if you want to talk money Jeff... think about how many sales I could lose on other products when people realize what I have done.

The long term consequences of doing something stupid like that will be much more than $300 in my eyes and that is why I shared this experience.

Even if you are struggling, look at the bigger picture and think long term in all that you do!