Amazon Sales Picking Up Beautifully!

Last Update: April 14, 2018

There are so many people that want to know if this program really works. So I wanted to share my progress with Amazon sales with you all today.

Now it is important to note that Amazon is not something I have made a big focus until recently. The reason being is that when I joined WA in 2015 my website was an online store targeting South Africa. In February 2016 I changed that website to a blog and closed my online store.

It has taken a lot of time and effort to to get US traffic to my blog and to start focusing on Amazon sales because a lot of my income that comes in has been online influencer jobs that are from South African companies and it has keep me so busy.

I made my first Amazon sale towards the end of 2016 on one of my new websites that I set up when I joined WA - but that website is more a hobby (my website about addiction).

During the course of last year my traffic started slowly but surely moving to US traffic and when this started happening I started adding more Amazon affiliate links and posts targeting Amazon sales.

It is so exciting right now because 2 things have happened. The first is that I have just reached the $100 cash out amount required for Amazon and I want to jump for joy.

The second thing is that I can see the Amazon sales increasing all the time now and it is so rewarding to see all my hard work paying off.

Now while the numbers aren't exactly making me a millionnaire right now, my sales this year to date have already far exceeded my total sales for 2017. I understand the process of how to make Amazon sales now and all I have to do is to keep adding content that is targeting Amazon products.

Here is a screen shot of my 2017 sales on Amazon:

And here is a screenshot of my Amazon sales to date for 2018.

Once again a beautiful example of how Wealthy Affiliate works if you apply the things you have learned and work hard at making your online business a success.

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Easy-Moneys Premium
Well done Lynne!
Love your new profile image! Lol
AlejandraB Premium
Congratulations Lynne, thanks for sharing your tips and how to, so we can also can work on it.
Sammy-B Premium
Fantastic Lynne, that's really encouraging! I had been wondering whether there is much point in concentrating on Amazon and my plan was to try it out with my 'hobby site' since there have been some negative comments about their affiliate programme. But your experience sounds quite promising.
LynneHuy Premium
Yes I have also heard some negative things about Amazon and loads of people moan about the low commissions... BUT from my experience so far the conversion rate for Amazon is amazing and while the commission structure is not great I do make money. There are some other affiliate programs I have joined that have a much better commission structure but I don't make the same amount of sales. For this reason I would much rather focus on Amazon.
Sammy-B Premium
A good conversion rate is very important. That's what I was wondering - whether I will still be better off despite of the lower commission. So I will definitely focus on Amazon. Thanks for sharing that, Lynne.
dbriley Premium
Congrats on earning from Amazon!
AlanJE Premium
Hi Lynne, that´s very encouraging, thank you for sharing, Best Alan