Wealthy Affiliate Training - My First Payment

Last Update: October 01, 2016

Hello Wealthy Affiliate Family,

I finally passed the three-month mark as a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member this month and was able to create training. Today, I got my first payment for the two tutorials that I created this past month.

I created these two tutorials:
Wealthy Affiliate Mastery
How to get Visitors to Trust My Website

I earned 60 credits, 30 for each course I created.

So I received $60 for the month (1 credit = $1).

Kyle talked about getting paid for your tutorials in his training titled Wealthy Affiliate - The Open Education Project

Here's an excerpt:

There is a leveled payout system with a minimum payout of 5 credits, each credit having a value of $1. The first level is always 5 credits and once you reach this level with any resource, the credit will be released to your affiliate account.

Upon achieving Level 1 success, you will move on to subsequent levels. The levels DO NOT end, therefore a single resource could earn you money for years and years. Many members will create training that continues to pay them (key to this is keeping your training updated ;)).

Criteria for your training to achieve success!

So what exactly does it take to achieve the next "level" success with your training. The most important aspect of any training you create is the quality of that training. If the intended purpose of your training is not to help someone, rather just to try to earn money, then you are not going to experience much success. Many of the indicators that move your progress bar within your training are related to the user experience and user interaction within your training. Some of these fundamental components include:

- Someone following through your entire training
- # of views you training receive (this is why QUALITY matters)
- How engaging it is (comments and feedback)
- Behavior of visitors within the training (usage metrics)
- How much people "Like" your training

If you can effectively accomplish these items, your training is going to be a success. Think value to the reader, the rest will take care of itself. If you do, all your training within WA will be earning you a very consistent stream of income and will lead you much closer to "ambassadorship".

The payout went to my Credit Dashboard as cash credits, where you receive $0.50 per dollar.

So, if I decide to have the cash deposited into my PayPal account, I will receive $30 for the month for my two training courses.

Creating training in Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to help others and to get paid.

To your success, Kevin
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theresroth Premium
Thanks for this fab reminder, Kevin!
waian Premium

I just got 10 credits yesterday for the training I made a while back. :)
Carlton-Nbr1 Premium
Answers my question
Toshmack Premium
Great news, well done ;)
onmyownterms Premium
Fantastic!! I'm looking forward to my 'training date' (10/21).
theresroth Premium
Looking foreward to what you will publish, with open eyes!
Cheers and a great weekend, Mel!
onmyownterms Premium
Thanks Therese.
Lundquik Premium
Mel, I'm also excited to see your training. If it's anything like your blog posts we're all in for some good quality training.
onmyownterms Premium
Thank you so much for the compliment.
Lundquik Premium
It's well deserved Mel! Keep up the great work!