I was Attacked Last Night!

Last Update: August 09, 2016

Last night before I went to bed I decided to go online and check out my bank account. To my surprise my balance was about $2,500 less than it should have been. Then I saw that there were about 20 charges in a pending status, and I haven’t used my debit card for over a week. Most of the charges were for companies that you’d use if you were setting up a computer or a website, like website hosting, premium plugins, antivirus software, etc. I immediately called my bank and they cancelled my debit card and put the charges in question under investigation.

This was a horrible feeling, I felt violated. How did someone get my credit card details? Being with the Military and having a Top Secret security clearance, I’m always so careful with my personal information. I even shred all paper at home so none of my details leak out.

Then, when I woke up this morning, I was notified that someone tried to hack my website at least a dozen times over the evening. Thank goodness I installed the Sucuri WordPress Security plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/sucuri-scanner) several weeks ago. It stopped the attempted intrusions and sent me a notification.

I don't know if the two events are related or not, but it's quite a coincidence.

I found out about the Sucuri plugin while I was researching how to use my new Yoast SEO plugin. My brother-in-law is the webmaster for a large company in Colorado and I was chatting with him a while back about SEO and my website. He recommended that I replace the default All In One SEO plugin with the Yoast SEO plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo). He raved about all the SEO features of the Yoast plugin. It even provides a green/amber/red status for many of the critical elements as you’re writing your posts. And best of all, it’s free. Anyway, it was well worth the switch, but I needed to do some research as it had so many features.

That’s when I came across an article about website security. It said that your website WILL BE attacked at some point, it’s just a matter of when. One of the plugins that they recommended was the Sucuri plugin. After some additional research, I downloaded the free plugin and installed it on my website. I’m always concerned about having too many plugins, but the pros outweighed the cons for this one. I seemed like a must have, and now, I’m so glad that I installed it.

As always, I wanted to share my story with the WA community so we can all learn together from our experiences. If you haven’t already checked out website security, I highly recommend it.

To your massive success!


***UPDATE*** I wanted everyone to know that Kyle jumped in and said "Do know that we protect your websites from being "hacked" here at WA automatically behind the scenes and we have a team that monitors the network and all of your sites 24/7/365.

No need for plugins if you are on WA, if you are not on the hosting platform here at WA you might want plugins like this, but if you are they are a bit redundant. ;)"

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alexsvacha Premium
Thanks for telling us about the security plug in AND Kyle's response. Good to know another point for WA!

I'm so sorry you got attacked, glad that the bank was so wiling to work with you.
Lundquik Premium
Thank you Alex!
JimNBV Premium
OMG man that's aweful!!! I will definitely look into that plugin! Thanks for the recommendation. Hope those crooks get what's coming to them.
Lundquik Premium
Me too! Thank you!
Rbobejr1960 Premium
Thank you for sharing
Lundquik2 Premium
I never thought about that. I need to do some research as well.
Heidi56 Premium
Wow, thanks for sharing!
benandnili Premium
Oh man - i need to think on this. Thank you!