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February 14, 2017
The beginning of the day got me thinking how sad it must have been for those who have no memories of Valentine's Day. There are some who never got roses,wine or candies on Valentines Day. Well! If for some reason you have no fun memories of Valentine's Day all you have to do is create your own memories.I got myself the dress I always wanted. I also bought myself a dozen red roses. I am staying away from candies, ice cream, cakes, and other sweet foods. I enjoyed the day because I did the things
February 12, 2017
The choices we make when we are at life's crossroad can define the rest of our lives.I am taking a serious look at my progress since I have been at Wealthy Affiliate and I think I need to speed up things some more.I cannot complain about the volume of things that I have learned since I have been here. I, however, did not achieve the objectives that I set which do not include making money.I think I have been tardy with my work which is due to the vast number of unavoidable setbacks that I faced
February 07, 2017
Scammers will not rest easily until they have robbed innocent individuals out of their money. We all have to be careful, read and listen to what is happening in the world.The "Can You Hear Me Scam?" is not new but it is being used now quite often. They are not choosy about who gets a call so everyone is now being warned not to answer calls unless you know who is calling. If the call is important the caller will leave a message and you can return the call.How It WorksYour phone will ring and the
February 06, 2017
When you are down in spirit it is amazing how a few encouraging words can lift your spirits.The first step you can take in building a future is to create one for yourself. There are lots of challenges in life which intensified when you start a business or any special projects.Perseverance can be hard but one must be reminded that if one keeps on going even at a slow pace, there is a possibility that your objectives will be achieved.Many BlessingsLuna.
January 27, 2017
Success comes at a price namely perseverance and hard work. To get high paying jobs there are lots of preparation that has to take place. One cannot get up and walk into a managerial job overnight unless his daddy owns the company. There are schools, colleges, and universities that will give proper training. Sometimes things get slow especially when you are tired but life goes on.You might be going at a slower pace but you are still gaining more than the one who sit and refuses to try.Everyone
January 23, 2017
The weather in some parts of Georgia has been bad for the last 3 days. There have been heavy rains, Tornados, quarter size hail and a lot of tension. When I came to live in this community I could not help noticing the huge trees hanging over the houses. I thought about how dangerous they are. I saw on the news how trees uprooted and fell on houses and the occupants were killed.There was a tree on the property when I came to live here. It was big and overgrown and dying, so I had it removed. A n
January 22, 2017
The challenges that we face from day to day are not unique to us. There are several things one should think about before deciding to give up on dreams. The worst day only lasts for 24 hours and there is always a possibility that the next day will be better than the one before.There is a difference between passion and purpose. It is sometimes hard to figure out what you really want to do. Sometimes the things we are passionate about are not the things that are good for us. We have to find our pu
Things and time have been catching up on me. I have been away from Wealthy Affiliate for about 3 weeks and only came back 2 days ago. I had a lot of stuff dealing with and decided to take a break.It is as if I am starting all over again as I have so much catching up to do. I sometimes think the odds are against me but I am still trying. Time waits for no one so we have to try our best to get the work done while we can.I have completed 7 months at Wealthy Affiliate, can't say I am completely sat
January 19, 2017
It is amazing how the 180 days for the Amazon account went by so quickly and I did not make any sale. When someone decided to buy a few things from my site. I did not get any commission from the purchases because the 180 days had already passed and I did not realize it.What I got, however, is that although I did not reapply to Amazon they have renewed my account. That is when I knew it had expired.I hope things will be different this time and there will be an improvement in sales. I am truly gr
January 01, 2017
I was a bit stressed out and decided to drop everything and visit my relatives in Jamaica. I got a ticket and off I went to Jamaica. While I was walking to my gate at the airport to wait until the flight was ready, I heard an announcement saying "If you are carrying Samsung Galaxy Note 7 kindly report to security",Although there was a recall some persons did not return their phones. I wondered if anyone would be so selfish to take a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on a plane knowing that it would be a da