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I always thought about fathers as special people. I know there are some fathers who do not live up to expectation but I do not waste my thoughts on them. There are a few good men who are fathers to children although they are not their biological fathers. You really would not know the difference. These men see a need and decided that every child needs a father so they stepped in and fill the gap.I lost my father 30 years ago and it looks like yesterday. I can still remember his voice and the thi
Decision making has become a part of our daily routine. We get to choose our daily activities and sometimes decide to leave some important tasks to be done another time, forgetting to check on dead lines.If I had to spend my last few minutes with you, I would not be concerned about the negative things that may have happened , I probably would see only the altitude that you could reach if you try a little harder. Of course, I would say what a wonderful person you are and motivate you to live you
April 14, 2017
Have A Good One.
I was sitting in church and really concentrating on what was happening. The Lesson Study was going great and a few persons were participating. I was not one of the participants. I decided to be quiet and circumspect. My best option was to keep my mouth closed for the duration of the service.I was enjoying some baked chicken the day before when to my dismay I broke my denture. All four teeth in the front came off. I never the less decided that I could go wherever I want because it only shows whe
I had problems recently about my picture not showing up on the comments I left for other community members. I asked for help in the community and got a few responses which I hope helped community members but my problem continued. I gave the whole thing a serious thought and decided to retrace the steps that I did to set up the whole thing in the first place.I signed into my Gravatar account and checked out my account and everything was fine. Everything worked fine before I updated to WordPress
I started my website using the 'Cleanr Theme'. I was new to the whole thing and that theme was my worst nightmare. My greatest fear was to change the theme so although I realized that I was having a hard time I would never change the Theme.I convinced myself that I would mess everything up and I would have to start all over again. The irony of the whole thing is I was just starting and it would have been wiser to change the Theme early, find a Theme that I am comfortable with and move on.The st
March 15, 2017
I have a special friend who I have never met but he is very dear to me. We share pictures, talk about our children and grandchildren, and we always remember to pray for each other.We met on a Social Website 10 years ago and started studying together. He lived in Missouri and we both looked forward to meeting online to discuss the day's activities. We always find something interesting to talk about especially because we were of the same faith.I noticed sometimes that my friend could not concentr
March 07, 2017
Believe in Yourself! You can Do It.Luna
March 06, 2017
It is a lovely day today, it is 66 degrees outside. Monday, March 17, 2017, will be the first day of Spring. Winter appears to linger because we are preparing for another cold front coming in another day and it will bring thunderstorms and bad weather. Spring comes with its problems, that of allergies. Symptoms with eye, nose and throat pains, and sinus congestion. Some of the viruses are airborne.Let us try to take care of ourselves this spring by practicing prevention measures. There maybe, n
March 05, 2017
Love is a doing word. It is a word that is used sometimes without thought. It comes easy for someone to say "I love you" without having a clue about who you are or the qualities you possess.Love is a doing word, it is better to show someone that you love him than to tell the person. Love has qualities that should be emphasized if you care about someone.Love has its own languages. Which language do you speak?1. Quality TimeWhen individuals are in love they want to spend Quality Time together. Yo