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July 21, 2017
I came across these Road Signs and thought I would share them with you.I hope I put a smile on your face.Enjoy your weekend!
Dogs are always referred to as Man's best friend. I have no doubt that there are but there are times when they get really sensitive and do not want to be friends with some people.Claudine had recently gotten divorced and decided that she was lonely so she got a Shih Tzu. She named her Storm. Claudine decided to train Storm herself. Claudine had no children so she treated Storm as if she was her child. She also allowed Storm to sleep in the same room that she slept in.Before anyone goes out to b
I started my day, as usual, giving thanks and catching up on the things I should have done the day before. The Meteorologist said it would be a hot day so I took a few laps around the block early in the morning.My cell phone rang and I tried to answer it but although the line was open and I could hear two people chatting away, the caller did not respond to me. I think it would be in poor taste for me to listen to their conversation so I hang up the phone.It rang a second time and I realized tha
I have heard it before but I did not pay much attention to it. Whenever I am preparing a post I prefer to write about something that interests me that is not a review.I have no problems with reviews but I realized that a large number of the products that I found and researched are actually scams. How can individuals just set out to rob people of their money and pretend that their product is so wonderful? I visited Google Search Console yesterday and decided to see how my posts are ranking. To
Sometimes when individuals are burdened with problems they try to find an avenue to vent. Sadly enough sometimes the avenue turns out to be an innocent bystander.I have learned in life to ignore negativity. And put an end to the conversation before it gets blown out of control.I posted an advertisement about my business on Twitter. The graphic that I put with it was a religious one. One of my followers sent me a rude message talking about #Baalam Ministry. He could not believe that I would dar
July 16, 2017
I recently completed a year at Wealthy Affiliate. It is amazing how fast it went by. I started out At Wealthy Affiliate wondering whether or not I made the right choice, and if I will be able to continue until I start earning some money enough to pay the website bills.My line of thinking changed when I started the training. I was so impressed that all I wanted to do was to set up my website and monetized it. I did just that and I am still working on it. Unlike most people, I still have only on
July 14, 2017
We have to be aware of what we are doing online because the scammers are going all the way, trying their best to outsmart us.When I signed into my email and saw this message I was furious. I do not want to lose this email because I have a lot of things link to this email address. The link looks like a Yahoo link so I did not hesitate click on the link.When I went to the link there was a box similar to the one Yahoo uses, asking for my email address and my password. I started to fill in the box
While trying to put an Amazon link on my website yesterday, I noticed that I was having problems downloading the link. The other thing I noticed was the advisory notice that was on my account about the aStore.Well, I was not getting anywhere with my project and I noticed that the Amazon Banners on my site disappeared so I called Amazon's Customer Service. I use the opportunity to get an explanation about the aStore and an explanation as to why I had that kind of problem getting a banner.Custo
July 11, 2017
Have a lovely day my friends. I wish you all success and Peace of Mind.
July 10, 2017
I was motivated by these quotes. Hope you will be motivated too. Have a blessed day!