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Thanks for taking the time to take a look at my WA Space.

My name is Joe and currently I do tech support for Dell. Right now I am dreading my commute to work, currently 80 miles round trip. I am looking to replace my income with internet marketing.

I have purchased a lot of e-books and course related to making money online. None have taught me at the intensity as Wealthy Affiliate.

I want to start my business writing articles for affiliates and later transition into pay per click advertising. I have a degree in web design so I know once I learn how to research my market I will be able to quickly produce some quality sites with Dreamweaver.
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EricM Premium
Hello friend...welcome and best wishes to you.
good fortune Premium
Hello and welcome Joe. You made the right choice to become a member of WA. I'm staring my 5th week now and begin to get a good grasp on the subject matter. Wish you good luck with your marketing efforts. Maike
lumin0sity Premium
Learn as much as you can, but don't forget to act. Use three parts marketing research with one part action to implement success.
lumin0sity Premium
I've been going through the learning center and the information inside is great. I'm on my third day and have already learned a ton. I want to start out with some article marketing and then move on to some more complicated ppc campaigns.
swolfe Premium
Welcome to WA I do 90 miles round trip! Good luck with IM
lumin0sity Premium
You have a 90 mile round trip to work? That's a lot of driving. My commute is 80 so I really get sick of the traffic after a while. Take it easy.