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February 05, 2017
I have now been with Wealthy Affiliate 3 months and am loving the community more and more! I have created two (and a half!) websites so far and am particularly enjoying blogging on my travel one as I am currently spending 6 weeks in South America. I love the fact that I can update my websites on the move and continue being an active member of the community 😀Here are my websites for anyone that is interested:www.soulmusicandme.comwww.curiousfootsteps.comI am proud of how far I have got s
January 05, 2017
Feeling accomplished! I have just completed course 3 and I want to say how much I am enjoying this training! It really is brilliant and I am taking a real sense of pride in seeing my website come together. Thank you to the whole community for sharing your thoughts, insights and training!
I am absolutely loving everything I have learnt at WA so far but today I seem to be feeling a little overwhelmed. I have realised how much content I need to get on my website to get it looking good which is going to take a long time. I am also trying to understand google plus, deciding whether to create a separate Facebook page for my website, how best to get links for my website and articles and out there, not to mention trying to create a good layout and design.I am definitely not giving up b
So I've just completed course 2 of the training. I've learnt so much already and am really enjoying creating content on my website - it's amazing how easy it is to write when its something you are passionate about! I am wondering whether my niche is too specific (soul music) but I guess only time will tell. At the moment I am finding there is certainly lots to write about and the fact I am writing and thinking about it is making me love soul music even more!My goals for the next 3 months are to
November 24, 2016
I've just changed to a yearly membership.....very pleased to have bitten the bullet and gone for it! :)
I am very excited to have just upgraded to premium membership. A slightly scary decision, but I feel like I have made the right one! I am loving this community and I feel like I have learnt a lot already. It's really quite addictive....Looking forward to being fully on board and learning a whole lot more :)Thanks for everyone's support so far!