O.N.E. FAVOR has completed Level One

Last Update: May 06, 2018

It's been a long day but I completed Level One with a lot of thought and contemplation.

I have been researching information on my next blog post. Researching search keywords with Jazzy took me about 4 hours. It passes by real quick if you are not careful. I started a notebook I call "Digging Deep with Jazzy" where my general keywords branch down to specific keyword phrases that have high AVGs and low OSRs in Jazzy.

Using Digging Deep with Jazzy Notebook

I have recorded those that match my first story in my About Me page. I have looked at other sites to see how they write content and incorporate affiliate links. I found a new affiliate to promote after using their product. I plan on changing my services to them in the next week to build more lessons on how to use their service compared to the one I use now that doesn't have an affiliate program. It is a tool I will use often so I'm eager to see how it compares to the company I'm with now. Planning content to compare the two services in one of my next articles. I must admit now I'm more willing to use a service if it has an affiliate program I can promote, especially if I will be using the service often.

I have been tinkering.

Right now this such a big puzzle for me. I have dumped all the pieces on the table and started lining up the end pieces to build the framework. I haven't ever looked at building a website from this angle before. This is definitely not taught in the colleges in my area. I feel I'm getting the best education available at a reasonable price. What I learned this weekend in Level One with the tools to implement it is worth the price of Premium membership. It's definitely a steal at the discount price for the first month. My goal was to work 4 hours a day on WA. I have worked this weekend what I expected to work in one week. It is very engrossing to learn the material. It is hard to stop once you get going.

New Way of Thinking

What WA has done is change my thinking. I think and dream about content. How can I document what I'm learning? All this information in my head and stored under keyword terms to write about later. Even this blog post is a nugget to be saved for future reference to promote WA to those who are on the fence to become a member. It really is a no brainer. The community alone is worth the membership. I love my new WA family. If you haven't joined Premium take advantage of the discounted price for a month. You will be paid back your first week if you just complete Level One and seriously do the exercises and not just check the boxes to advance through. This is all for now. I'm exhausted and need to go to bed. It has been 15 hours of work today beginning early this morning with some breaks to let it all soak in.

All the best to my WA family,

Louisa Parson, CPS


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MAdkins2 Premium
Keep it going Louisa! You're doing great!
louisaparson Premium
Thanks for the inspiration. The same to you as well.
newmarketpro Premium
You are progressing well.
Keep it up..:)
SWhitley Premium
Congrats on completing Level 1, Sounds as you are digging in for the long haul and are going strong. Remember,, keep some time for yourself. Recharge the batteries.
Besides, you just completed Level 1! Give yourself a reward!
louisaparson Premium
I hear you, Sanders.

I don't want to burn out. I have a meeting to go to tomorrow and I need my rest. I will have to switch gears a little since it is a board meeting but I do think about WA a lot.
JosephGon1 Premium
Hello, O.N.E. FAVOR, I just clicked in to say Congratulations on completing Level One. It sounds like you are off to a great start. That's whats up. Good Luck on you're here at WA.
louisaparson Premium
Thanks for your support.

I'm excited about Level 2. I learned so much in Level 1.