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February 18, 2018
Friends & Family, Everyone, Super Affiliates:Again, writing on my android. Please over look my redundancy. Writing is difficult writing on my android. But anyway, today is Sunday, and taking off off kind of slow for me. Remember, on Friday, I lost power because of my little boys tastings everything they see hanging or dangling.Well , that just didn't end the dilemma. This morning, I go up to check my email and discovered that that my phone didn't charge at all. Yes. Your guess is better tha
February 16, 2018
friends and family!Happy Friday to everyone. That was a great training tonight! JayPresented it very well. Anyway, I am just touching home with you all.I can't write much because my little kittens chewed on my cord to my laptopSo I can't get any power now. Wow, battery is dead to. We must make room for disappointment.What a terrible time for this to happen, yes great timing.Right now I am using my android, and it's not easy to write a lot.I can imagine what this writing looks like. So please be
Supper Affiliate Challenge12 Monthly Intense TrainingLesson Task.[X] Set-up your Monthly Site Content Article GoalI have decided that I will set an Article Goal that will be reachable and obtainable based on my week load,I choose to write 5 (five) Article monthly on Site Content.Containing 1000 words each. More if time allows.Here are my 5 Articles for this monthArticles: For Month Of FebruaryChoosing The Right Chair 1003 Words DoneHome Office Small Spaces 0000 words Small Home Office
Friends and Family!I am asked to set my monthly Content Words goal. This may not be the proper way of sharing to you my updates and space in time at where i'm focusing on.My monthly site content word goal is 10,000 Words MonthlyMeaning to write an average of 2000 words a week I need to write at least 600 hundred words to obtain that goal.In laymen turns, this is achievable. In other words:If I am to set out and write a 1000 word post per day, meaning that I will be writing atotal of 31,000 wo
Do you want to be a good listener to yourself so that you can be a good listen to others?There are two ways to listen intently to others.AudioallyVisionallyEvery human must discern self-awareness, because it is the foundation of mindful listening. Audioally, we must be able to stay present, open and unbiased as we lecture the otherperson even if they don't line up with the other person ideas or desire. Good listening means mindful listening.How often do you think you listen to others?How often
February 11, 2018
Good Morning!Family & FriendsThis is one of my late nights, It is 2:48 AM Standard time.Just thought to drop a line or two. I know you are just as busy as I am or busier, which is to be expected from all of the Super Affiliate Crew.I had a great day. I got quite a few things accomplished. I worked at Bootcamp, completed 2 custom sign-up forms.Still trying to tackle the Video task. This one is really got me up late nights, but that's fine, learning is knowledge.I wrote one post with keyword
February 09, 2018
Holding The 50 Spot Updates:Family & FriendsI'm trying to stay on target, perhaps, doing my job which is better than best.Today, I won't linger around, because Jay's training starts at 8:00 pm tonight!A quick glance at my progress and updates. As I continue to go forward with my new ventures and tasks.REMEMBER!!EVERYDAY IS A CELEBRATION AT WEALTHY AFFILIATE>>>YAY! I am back holding the 50 spot!GIVE ME A HURRAY!JUST SHOW YOUR LOVE,, THAT'S ALL!!As I said earlier, I will make this ve
February 07, 2018
Hello Friend and FamilyUpdates: 2/7/18I just received a message that a new member accepted my invitation.I am surprised for this accomplishment!Please Give Daisy a Big welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate Program! Report:Site Rubix Content:All times words written yesterday 7,424Today: 8459 words written6 Articles Published9 Articles Unpublished3 articles indexed by Google88%Written Wealthy Affiliate review, almost finishedWritten Jaaxy reviewWritten one Post
February 06, 2018
Hello Friend and Family!Here are my progress so far since I was chosen out of the bunch of other Super Affiliate.I will make this very short because, I am behind schedule. First, I want to give thanks to Kyle and Carson for dealing with me so long. (smile) I realize now that I am a great and difficult task major. Awesome Community, I am so happy that i found you. I am always given my master thanks for given me the strength to wake up each day and go to work at WA. I am very embellished with lov
January 29, 2018
A SmmaryTime Plus Pen and PaperThese are notes that I wrtten down after reading some important pointsHe said, "Time is your best friend or your worst enemy when building your business.""We can get so busy until we end up doing nothing."Now, there one particular person I though about. I'm sure you're wondering who?That's right Me!We all at some point and time carry along a to-do-list, but how often, or do we stick with it as though our dear life depends upon it. He mentioned: The To-do-list!So