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Why are goals important?Today, I recieved a PM from Kyle, and I'm sure everyone have gotten theirs by now, but if not, you will. This is a huge group of Affiliaates. Anyway, I am enthusiastic about everything. I am so grateful to Kyle and Carson and the team, how they put it all together for us, is truly awesome!As i sit here getting my plan and goals in place for March Challenge, I decided toshare these few lines with you.What Is Your Meaning of goals?Well, I will shall a precise meaning of go
Friends and Family!INDEXED BY GOOGLE!Just keeping up with the flow of things. Yesterday, I was indexed by Google again.I wasn't expecting that to happen so soon!Like the saying goes; "When it rains it Pours"How truth is said!Now it's time to get back on with the busy flow of work now. Thank God I got my adapters and my old 10 year old Toshiba is back at it again.I hope to earn enough money to buy a new one, before this one breaks down again."Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You!"Louisa BHere is a notice
Friends and Family!I am very EXCITED!!! to earn another payout from Shopify!This is the 4th Gaming Mouse and Keyboard I'll sold in the past two weeks. Sorry about NOT showing all of the purchase receipt.But this is the proof!I must say that, it will happen for you in it's time....Perserverance Is Key!Thanks To Kyle, Carson and the Community for Helping To Make This Possible!Most of all, THANK YOU!!!Gaming Mouse And Keyboard 3D 1600 DPI USB Wired Professional For Laptop And Pc With PackageSKU :
Friends and Family!Every experience is teaching us about our future success! Today, I promised myself; do more of this and less of that. There must be a balance of our capabilities. I learned that it's not a bad thing to loose motivation. As we travel our journey to success, we are sure to be faced with many obstacles along the way! Sometimes we are put in a certain position at a time that may not be the best time, but who gives the options for theses circumstances to occur. In life we must rea
March 01, 2018
Super Affiliate Challenge: FEBRUARY 2018Week 1 thur Week 4This is an update for the month of February. I have accomplished quite a bit using my android to get the work done! Anyway, I just don't ask why? I just work with what I have.This was a very challenging month for me and getting this done without a wider screen and e dealing with the eye piece. However, Let's see what got done since my last update!(X) Task 1 Get my own domain (done)(X) Task. 2 Get through Bootcamp (about me page, privat
February 25, 2018
Friends &Family,:This month have been quite a busy one for everyone!Whether it be your Certification training, Bootcamp, social media marketingSearch- engine optimization or business analytics, we all here at WA haveSomething in common. This is a great Professional and Learning process for everyone. I was just was just thinking to myself; what a wonderful University to be a member of. Wealthy Affiliate A great place to be.This is a great time to 'Catch-up on what you missed. Actually, it do
February 23, 2018
Friends & Family!I hope your week was as great as mine. Pretty busy. but to be expected.As we all know that the weekend actually don't exist for many of whom are working the double shifts and weekends.Find some time to unwind, treat your self nice.I know, it's easy said than done!In the meantime, I want to thank everyone for following and like. I will return the favorAs the time allow it. Anyway, I must say, that Jay's webinar was a great one again asUsual.. "2018 Blog Post Checklist." (Li
I am very happy to earn $48.99!
Keeping Up With The Flow Updates:Friends and Family:Just checking in with a few updates. For two days now, I have been drafting my 12 articles for writing. So I am missing in action, that is what's holding me down. I am spending time in 6the chat room, and checking my mail everyday!Actually, I am all over the place trying to get the work done. Yes, it's going!I help some members out and welcome some to Wealthy Affiliate. It is 1:20 amEastern time, and I am still busy since noon time. Anyway, th
February 19, 2018
We are Innovators and Creators:Without innovation and it's resulting new products and services, and businesses would have just only two choices to continue marketing your current products to current customers or take the same product to another market, with similar customers.How would you go about your strategies?Your innovation strategies may not work in the short-run of your analogy and speculations.Would you introduce new products or services?CASE:Now imagine living 200 years ago.You cook yo