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Super Affiliate Challenge UpdateMONDAY 3rd Week12 Months Intense TrainingContent Efficiency EngagementStart date 3/6/2018End date; 4/7/2018This is my 3rd Monday update for March!I hope everyone are doing wonderful with your March Goals. Well I'm still plucking away myself. But thought to share what I am doing and how I'm progressing' I thought in order to keep myself on target with my Intense training is to tune in every Monday with my updates, and so far this is working out for me.Lesson Task:
March 25, 2018
Take Charge NewcomersWelcome To The Wealthy Affiliate Platform!I am so excited that you made the right decision to come aboard and learn the stepsyou need to know towards gaining financial Independence.We are a huge and committed community that believes in helping each other. Yes, we accomplish our goals by helping like-minded individuals how you to can become a successful online Entrepreneur. Your first step is to "Get Started!" Since Getting Started, you probably have felt overwhelmed by the
Family & Friends,How wonderful it is to get those emails from Kyle that goes like this!"Awesome Your Content is Indexed in Google!"Here is the titles that got indexed by Google."10 Unique Ways To Organize Small Office Space."12 Reasons To Create A New Office Appeal Every Month."https://crypto-homebossceo.ceoUpdates since Monday.Getting lots of organic trafficGetting positive feedback on Site CommentsGetting word of mouth positive feedback from gaming keyboard& mouseContent on WordPress
Monday Update:Friends and Family:Spring is in the air! I see more smiles on your face.This is a time for everyone to get even busier in moving forward andAccomplishing our goals, designs and intents.While we're in the process of fullfiling our intense training. Let's not forgetOur newcomers. Let's keep them engaged as much as possible.This Month's Tasks Start Date. 3/6/2018This Month's Task Start Date: 4/7/2018Content Efficiency Engagement Design, and IntentLesson Task Working or Complete.(
Test Creating A Custom Banner Using CanvaFriends & Family:Here are some sample custom banners that I created on Canva. I thought to share them with you today!They are not the best, but just testing.Thanks To Canva for their Generosity!In courteous of Canva.comWell folks, this is all for now, there's more coming soon!Care to give me your likes, and do leave a comment!Thank You All Very Much!Blessings!!!"Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You!"Louisa B
My Six Week Plan Of ActionSuper Affiliate Challenge 12 Months Intense TrainingWeek One:Done!View At: https://my.wealthy B ProfileWeek Two:Write two 1000 word postPlubish my content and distribute it throughout the monthIncoroporate affiliates links in reviewsAdd 20 Minute Chat Get 2-5 comments on every post moving forwardHelp at least 5 people per week within WAWeek Three:Write two 1000 word postPublish my content and distribute it throughout the monthGet 2-5 comments on ev
Become A Video Creator In 4 Simple Steps!The Next Best Video CreatorBecome A Video Creator Today!Friends & Family:I am very excited to share this with you!But first, i want to give thanks to Katie for sharing a tutoriat with the communitythe other day ": CREATING VIDEO FROM YOUR BLOG!" Video by Katie > kd forsmansI am so gracious for katie for sharing this tutorial with me, because I had no direction thatgave me an opening to get this done! Thanks Katie!This is my first video ever crea
Super Affiliate Challenge 12 Months Intense TrainingMonth Two:Content Efficency Engagement, Design, and IntentFriends, I decided to give my weekly report of milestones accomplished Every MondayBy doing this, I will be able to keep my reporting in contending order. All time words written 27, 133Total published articles 2232 unpublished articles 32 Level 5/59 approved comments5 pending commentsWA Rank 41 Status/ Top CreatorIndexed by Google 2 times in the past 2 weeks4 Sales TotalLesson Task
Milestones Accomplished Since January 24, 2018,Family and Friends,How wonderful it's to share your accomplishments to the community. Everything whethersmall or big is a milestone made. I am gratified! This may not seem like much, but to methis is something worth Celebrating!I have published a total of 15 Articles and 8 indexed by Google. What a privilege to haveworked diligently and produced these so far. One of our goals are to ( produce One Blog Post per week sharing something of value.)Wit
Indexed By Google Again!