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April 27, 2018
Preparedness, Alertness, Safety & AwarenessNow that your business is up and running, and you have done a very great job in getting it together from start to finish. But, is that all to it ? Are we missing the big picture, or are we on top of the trends?Well, while I have your attention, let me briefly talk about preparedness, Alertness, Safety and Awareness Skills. Yes, I realize that everyone are together in the area and just sitting and wait until it happens to you.Because we're living in
April 27, 2018
Friends & Family,I want to give thanks to all who have, are and will follow my online success journey.Todate, I have followed many, and many have followed me back.What a wonderful community we have on this Wealthy Affiliate Platform. 6343 WA FOLLOWERSThis is A great time For Another CELEBRATION!!!The WA PLATFORMBeing Followed By 6,343 Friends!PoweyValliKaleHMaurice1DennestonLetrayal2taxwilkins25vickgKVanWormerkit0317piadoraDeeMoiThundar
Ways To Scale Your BusinessHave you being scaling up your online business to make a profitable income online?The first thing we need to do is create a magnet and sales funnel. Seven ways to start:Automate everythingBoost Marketing StratgiesKeep an eye on Social MediaOut-source non-essentialsGet the basis down in writingPartner with the right peopleExcuse YourselfWhen getting started with laying a foundation for our future business you must plan to win.What Is Scale-Up BusinessIn most businesse
April 26, 2018
Ways To Overcome Writer's BlockWriters do experiences writer block at some point or another during your writing career.Well don't get discouraged, It happens to the best of writers. Did you know that writers block can be controlled?"Coleridge is one of the first known case of what we call writer's block. Sometimes, "block" means complete shutdown: the writer stops writing."Have you ever found yourself just staring at your computer, a blank screenYou'e distracted by your t0-do-list,but when you
April 25, 2018
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April 23, 2018
Friends & Family:Developing Story_4/23/2018Toronto Canada9 Dead 16 woundedI'm sure by now this is no news to many, because it is a worldwide deliberate brutal killing of innocent people by a lunatic and now many of them will not see tomorrow because of his devious intents.Our thoughts goes out to all those that are now suffering the lost of family members and friends.How sad to hear that a man deliberately drove a whiet van completely out of control, and just startedrandomally hitting a
April 20, 2018
Supper Affiliate ChallengeMonth 3Friends, Spring Is Here and the month of April has gone. just a few days remaining, and it will be history. Anyway, Just checking in to give an update of my progress in the Super Affiliate Challenge for the past weeks in April'Social, Imagery PurposeLesson Task[ ] Created A FaceBook Account ( Done )[ ] Created A Twitter Account ( Done)[ ] Created A Google Account ( Done )[ ] Now Following Kyle on Facebook ( Done )[ ] Now Following Kyle on
12 Things Customers will Pay ForThe Fact that people will pay for the privilege to give gifts and satisfy othersis a reason to believe that most of them are just products. Listed are 12 thingspeople will pay for.Twelve Things list:cell phonesstockphone usageelectronic post cardsvacations friends souvenirslove onesmembershipdinner/foodinternet serviceemail GramThe list may sound bizzard, or banal, but they are exactly the kinds of activities people will pay for, and have always paid for without
Spring Clean-Up Your Sites and PostsFriends & Family:This is the time of year when we are very busy trying to clean-up our house, and place of work. Anyhow, for the past few days I decided to take it upon myself and do my spring cleaning. if you wait to long, all sort of weeds, bush, leaves, and dead trees will have accumulated during those cold winter months when you have no intentions on getting it done! Now, I highly speak for myself, because I am that person who fall behind with my clea
The Gate Is Open Have You Entered Yet?In This Article, I want to touch home on some ideas,tips, and suggestions:Now, let's move along with it!As everyone know me by now, I am the one that is always thinking out of the box. So you're with me or you not, however, the call is up to you. Now I know many of you are like myself, in this, always trying to find the right topic or the right subject to talk about, but resonate with me is that people are just not interested in what you have to say!Those o