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June 01, 2018
Let's Celebrate this entire month of June!My 2nd year Anniversary has arrived!Friends & Family!The end of my two year anniversary have rolled in. MY...look how two years fly. But what amaze me is that the amount one can accomplish in such a short span of time. I'm truly excited about my learning capacity as opposed to what I didn't know about affiliate marketing two years ago. The most amazing thing is about this program called Wealthy Affiliate, owners, KYLE and CARSON had an idea about te
Super Affiliate Challenge UpdateMonth Four: May 2018Honing in on your Traffic & RankingLesson Task:What have I accomplished for this month Super Affiliate Challenge?The beginning of the month of May have been very slow taking off for me, I guess this was due to the demand to get the (GPMR) in compliance with Online Privacy Policy Regulations. My expectations were to do more writing, but that didn't happen the way I wanted it to.Below is what My Business Schedule Looks like: Accomplishments
Friends & Family:)Happy Memorial Day WeekendI wish each and all of you a very restful and enjoyable weekend.I know many of you are very happy to get that beach weather, and to some, it's an everyday thing in you part of the world. However, you deserve a long weekend, so have fun with the family and friends.I must say that this week pass have been a very busy one for me; Writing a blog or two in site Content, and catching up on GDPR Compliance: Thanks to; Kyle, Marion Black, Loes, Patsy, Mar
How To Overcome The Fear Of FailureKeep MovingFear of failure can be overcome easily by following these tips:Where does the fear of failure derive from? and applying the techniques you already have?In this Article:ConfidentFinding Your WayKeep MovingTo experience fear is primal, and is essential for survival. Everyone in life have gone throughtheses exhilarating and energetic motions and one time or another. In this article, I am reallygiving you some tips and ideas that maybe helpful in helpin
May 16, 2018
Let's talk Google Indexed Steps To Getting Indexed on GoogleFirst, Get your CONTENT on Google/ Do this by adding your URLSubmit Your Website for inclusions in Google's INDEXSearch Google ConsoleSubmit a SITMAP of your website to GoogleStructural Data_Label your Structural content to help users find pages revel ant to their searchReasons Why your site might not get indexed Meta tags / Make sure that the page (s) that's getting indexed doesn't have these meta tags in the source code. Sitmaps / R
Celebration For all Mothers Today!Today, I'm a proud mother of three children and 11 grand, and 1 Great Grand. I must wish all mothers that are a part of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform a very joyous and happy day with family and friends.Mother Day To me is a very special time of the year to acknowledge every mother worldwide for just being a mom. I feel that every day is a special day 365 days in a year is a day for celebration.Mothers it's time for a Celebration, so please do take this day a
May 10, 2018
Indexed and Committed How committed are you?Well this is a question I usually ask myself every so often. Personally, I think it's very important to do so. Anyway, I'm one who loves to hear of good things happening for myself and others in this marketing business.Yesterday I got this email:It said, Awesome News Louisa! Your Content published through Site Content at WA has been found in Google. Now that's good news.Here is the good news that was found in Google.May 09, 2018 https://crypto-homeb
What Motivates and Inspires You?Can you remember the last time when someone motivated or inspired you?Everyone have something or somebody that motivated or inspired your potential to do thebest and be the best. I am sure that you can think of a person that motivated you in such of away that it stayed with your conscience and perhaps gave you that boost to keep going forward.I can think of a lot's people and things that inspired me right here on the WA platform. I will start with some insightful
Family & Friends:I am a very happy camper today! As you know, for the past month or so, I have encountered many issues with using my old lap top. The old baby has carried it for almost 10 years, so it's time to say goodbye to it.Anyway, the good thing is that I am using a new Apple Desk Top Computer. Yay! Well, I'm using it right now, and getting use to it functions. Wow! no more sticking keys, and no more shutting down while I'm in the mix of writing an article. Actually, this is like Ch
April Super Challenge UpdateThis has been another great month as I strive to achieve my Swag goals. There were things that stood in my way, so I just kept going forward doing something to improve on my WA rankings. The frist of the month went pretty smooth, and I made my site goal, but word goal, i'm still writing. Anyway I will give myself the most prompts for what i did accomplish. Imagery, Purpose Lesson TaskTasks:The first 25% of my task were done. The other 75% is listed below, with some t