Health-Link Skin Health Progress Day 7

Last Update: December 15, 2016

In my blog: I blog about the aging skin, and how to reverse the process without expense botox. The other day I wrote a little about collagen and a few more topics on the subject. "The skin is your largest organ, and it's one of the first things people may notice about you." This is definite a niche that I have a passion for. I guess those of you that follow me, realize that it's no surprise about what I will blog about next when it's pertaining to Longevity and Healthy food Choice.

Everyday, I soar, and research about different topics, and while I am in that process, I am trying a little here and there, testing the water, to see what my audience like to read about and soon learn what they don't enjoy reading. Along that line, I am very thankful when I get a comment or feedback. To me this is a great way to get read before it get published.

If you took notice, the other day, I was summarizing what I have learned so far, Just updating and of my progress in my lesson. Actually, this is my 5th time reviewing the Certification Course. Each time I pickup upon something new an interesting. I must ask you to forgive me if it seem like I am being redundant. It's just my way of revising on what I have learned.

I must say, that Kyle and Carson has built a powerful empire,(Blueprint) that all members can duplicate and build and grow from. I really appreciate them for allowing me to borrow and share their contents with others. whether it be for REVIEWS or just BLOGGING. This is a privilege to do so.

Furthermore, as I continue to pave a way for myself, I will continue to pick, pluck and disarrange contents until I achieve a great site that is easy for my visitors to view, learn and perhaps buy a product of some sort that will be appealing in contents and be a great product to purchase.

During my process of learning here at WA, I must admit that, I have made some mistakes while trying to build me up and go with the flow. I am very sure that as we study here at the WA University, we all will soon find out that the learning process is endless, and you will always be fixing and learning to be good at what you do.

The good thing with this business, is that you have an opportunity to mess-up and fix-up. There is no one standing behind your back, pointing a finger. This is the advantage we have to be in a position to WORK at HOME.


Healthy Skin


"Since the skin is the largest organ, that's good reason to keep it healthy, whether you're to prevent and treat conditions like eczema and acne or reduce your risk to skin cancer."

NOTE: Did you know that a number of skin problems, including eczema and ace, have inflammatory components to them." There are foods you should know about that may not be good for your skin if you have some of the skin problems mentioned.

That's All Folks!

Louisa B

Comments and feedback appreciated.

This is a topic that I will research more about and blog about in (part 2).

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I like that: "mess up and fix up" another great saying, thanks Louisa.
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Great post, thanks for sharing Louisa.
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Thank you, Tosh!
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Thanks for this interesting post, Louisa.
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