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I have spent a lot of my life learning to cope with challenging situations as have we all. Despite reading many self help books, following the law of attraction and trying positive thought, I still suffered bouts of depression and failed miserably at goal setting and taking charge of my life.
The first goal I ever achieved was buying my horse. I put up a picture and a date and my horse appeared in my life and became mine exactly in the month I had stated. From that day on she has helped me understand all the learning I had done and In 2012 I created a free self help website based on what she had shown me. So that others need not suffer as I had.
Since then my health has been ruled by my stress levels making it very hard to work for other people, but I learned that I could write quite well, ghost writing articles on line for a pittance but very good experience. I also have a positively motivated Facebook profile and two pages, one for my website and one for my self published poetry book.
I always talk a lot but I started to realise that my strength was in my words and I can not help but think that it is my life work to help people in this way. Unfortunately hours giving people advice on line does not pay the bills and so I turned to affiliate marketing to make money from my site whilst still helping people for free.
I find the whole affiliate marketing thing confusing as Google has so many rules and regulations about their ads and what else is on your page and I am worried my site will be blacklisted.
I am rebuilding my site and would love to include affiliate ads as well as advertising my own books, a second edition of my poetry book (I made mistakes with the cover of the first edition and can now add some bonus poems) and my book nearly self published book, Grief, the Unseen Pain - a comprehensive guide to the grief we all carry.
I would love to turn my energy to my writing and my horse and forget the need for a 'proper' job and am hoping affiliate marketing will help me do this.
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$4000 a month
$10,000 a month
Whatever it takes
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Dec 19, 2016
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Lorraine52 Premium
$4000 a month
$10,000 a month
Whatever it takes
AlexRubio Premium
keep doing your work! you will achieve these, i make a promise to you!
Go for it Lorraine52. The sky's the limit. You have realistic financial goals and I know if we follow the steps it takes to there we shall do it and possibly go beyond our desires,hopes,and dreams for our finances.
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Thanks for the follow, Lorraine. Following back!
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Thank you for the follow. Following back
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Hi dear welcome to the wonderful family of Wealthy Affiliate.

Hope you join us in making lots of money here.

The secret is: REGULAR work.

Just give 1 hour of your precious time every day, you will start earning money without great effort.

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There is no need to do everything in one day. Do it slowly, you will enjoy it.

I'm happy to follow you. Hope to see you in my network and to hear from you soon.

Best Wishes
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Hi Lorraine

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliates.

You have landed in the right place for enhancing your knowledge about the best practises for internet business and ranking.

This is a community of helpful and experienced people. The training is simple, straight forward and effective. So learn, apply, ask and repeat until you are successful.

All the best,
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Hi, thanks for following, it is a pleasure to connect with you.
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