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I have finally found the perfect job that I should have. Its a job that you can always be wrong every minute of every day and still get paid and never get fired. That jobs is the weather man or I should say weather person.Made plans to take the Harley out for a nice ride today, the weather was to be in the high 60s, wind 5 to 10 mph, and no rain. Well guess what? I didn't get to go, rain , and wind and 43 degrees out. Boy was the weatherman wrong. I should of known to expect rain, because the n
April 01, 2017
I just have to say, when I first started not even a month ago, I thought making a web site would be as easy as 1,2,3. Boy was I wrong, there is a bunch of work and research that one must do to get a site up and running. And on top that, actually learning how to use the computer to do this, since I'm just learning that to. What I'm finding out here at WA there is a ton of training videos that are helping and all the people here that are more than willing to answer all the questions one such as m
March 12, 2017
Well, I have started, my profile is complete, I think. The hardest part in the beginning was writing about me. I find that I tend to ramble especially about my critters. I will tell you all that I am a stay at home wife, but not by choice. Its because of health issues, my heart just don't want to act the way I want it to. I wanted something to do that I would enjoy and also to help hubby with the household bills. He never complains about the finances but I know it weighs heavy on his mind and I