Choosing a Niche - Ask Yourself These Questions

Last Update: April 08, 2016

Choosing a niche can be very difficult, especially if you are someone who really does not know what they want their online business to be about. Below I have put forth some helpful tips that will get your juices flowing and get you on your way to the perfect niche for you.

First of all, and I cannot stress this enough, your niche should be about a topic you are passionate about, and I mean, totally into, like you read magazines on the topic, search online, do it (like a sport), shop for it (such as make-up), preach it or otherwise. If you love what you do it will make the days fly by, the hours will not feel like work, and your success rate is exponentially higher bc you will put in the effort it needs voluntarily and with love.

Here is a great exercise:

Assume you are in a "perfect world", meaning that there are no barriers or limits or obstacles in your way, so you can do whatever you want to, no matter how unrealistic is seems at the moment-if you dream, dream big.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. You wake up in the morning and leave for work to do something you absolutely love to do. Do not limit yourself bc we are in a perfect world. There is a business for absolutely any hobby or interest that you have. What are you doing? Hint-think about the kind of clothes you would wear, would you be at home or in an office? what kind of hours would you work and would you have staff?

2. What do you like to do on your day off or free time? This could be something you never get to do otherwise because of how busy you are.

3. What have you enjoyed since you were a kid? and still do?

4. If money were no issue what would you do everyday? Get up get dressed, get in your car and go where?

5.What do other people tell you that you are good at? In fact, ask them! Come out and ask, "what do you think I am good at"?. My coaching clients are required to do this by email to 10 people and they are amazed at the responses they get. If you have the courage to do this- it's a fantastic insight into yourself.

Think on the questions and let them mull around in your brain. Do not try to force the answer, it will come to you when it is ready, when you least expect it. Just make sure that you have a positive attitude about success and the confidence that you can do anything you put your mind to. The mental game is 90% of the battle.

Need more help, pls contact me.

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Great post Lori!
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thanks! if you need some help narrowing yours down- let me know!
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Great post Lori!
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thanks! means a lot to have great feedback.
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Oh I am so glad you think so and that you took the time to let me know. That means a lot to me and is the reason I do these posts.
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I agree with Steve, terrific recommendations!
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TERRIFIC recommendations, thanks Lori !!!