Mindset to keep on track

Last Update: October 27, 2016

So, I know in the early days that it can be very intense for a lot of beginners.

So much new information to absorb.

So many new terms to learn.

So much to do to get a site up and running.

It can be very easy for the doubts to creep in.

"This is too hard"

"This is taking longer than I thought"

"What have I got myself into?"

You can be staring at your monitor, looking for inspiration or the motivation to do that mountain of start up work.

Then.... Your "lazy self" teams up with your "doubting self" and calls in your "distraction self" to gang beat you into drifting off task.

"I'll just check my email real quick before I start"

"I'll find some music on Youtube to listen to while I write"

'I'll just check my Facebook for 5 mins, see whats going on"

Next thing you know....2 hours have past and you are staring at a video about Jedi kittens that your sister has posted on her Facebook.

You click back over to the browser with your site sitting waiting for you to type articles.

Your eyes are tired from staring at the monitor for 2 hours.

Your back feels uncomfortable from sitting in your chair.

You need to move around.

You leave the computer.

You now feel frustrated because you wasted 2 hours.

Your focus is shot.

I'll rest my eyes, stretch my back, then get back to it.

Off you trot to another distraction.

We have all done the above in one form or another.

A method to deal with this is to simply write down what you have to do for your site etc.

Put the items in order of priority (and ease if possible) with a rough time needed to complete estimate.

Set yourself an hour or two to start clearing the list.

Set your watch, timer on your phone.

Put on a white noise vid, such as rainfall sounds, forest sounds, whatever.

Start the vid, start the timer, and start your work.

Aim to knock as much out of that list as you can in 2 hours.

No distraction, no "I'll just check this" or "I'll have a quick 10 mins looking at"

Just pure list clearing.

You will be surprised what you achieve if you focus like this.

Truth be told, you will often find yourself doing more than your 1 or 2 hours because you become so immersed and focused.

You will also feel great and motivated because you will see your list reducing and appearing as results on your monitor.

Once those results start producing money....You will despise Jedi kittens....Lol, just kidding, but you WILL find yourself producing rather than avoiding work.

The key is to start and the key is mindset.

Think of this.

You are laying on the couch watching whatever.

The remote control is on another chair...you have to move to get it.

If you are in the right mindset, you will get it no problem. In the right mindset you are able to jump off the chair and head to the gym for an intense hour workout. No hesitation, straight at it.

If you are in the wrong mindset, even getting the remote is too much trouble.

"Ohh...I dont feel like moving...I'll see what comes on TV next"

"Its too far...I'll get it in a minute"

"I'm comfortable..."

Difference....Mindset....Nothing more.

Stay focused...Stay productive....Become successful....Feel great!

Do not let the Kittens tempt you to the distraction darkside ... ;)

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