Last Update: December 09, 2017

So, I know this niche might not be what most would view as an ideal business but it is something I am familiar with and have been naturally interested in for a long time, I genuinely believe I can grow this business because I won't get bored of working on it and I am knowledgeable on the subject, how ever I'm not so knowledgeable about computers and the industry I'm stepping into, I have received incredible support and some very informative answers from the WA community already so ive seen the potential, i just hope i keep getting that support when i need it and that my niche dosent put people of working with or helping me.

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Kyle Premium
The thing is, you don't have to be knowledgeable about computers or the internet to be very successful online.

The technology gaps have been removed here at WA so you can focus on HELPING people and doing so within any niche. If you can help people, you build trust, you build a brand and you can build a very sustainable and long term business in the process.
JHaugland Premium
Now you are making me curious :)
BIS Premium
It's good that you have found something you want to do. You say that you hope that your chosen niche won't put off people working with you. Have no idea what you're going to do, but there have been instances when members haven't supported someone else's choice because they have a different set of belief and value system and you have to accept that. You also don't want to link anything to WA that could harm their brand.