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Does my affiliate id work this way?
Hi all, I hope you are doing alright :)I want to link to this page of…
7 months ago 17 Replies
All in one seo update 0 out of 100 score?
I just checked up some old posts and I wonder if this score is harmful.…
9 months ago 77 Replies
Can outdated training be removed?
There are a lot of training here which are outdatedPer example:Widget…
1 year ago 102 Replies
I don't understand the ranking system of wa, please explain?
When I, as a seasoned Ambassador, don't understand the ranking system…
1 year ago 137 Replies
Placing welcomes messages on empty new member profiles?
Who is placing welcomes messages on empty new member profiles before the…
1 year ago 83 Replies
How can I access my training in draft?
Since the upgrade I can't find where to access my training drafts.Who…
2 years ago 31 Replies
$100 wa membership question, what has changed? kyle?
I get this question from a new memberI have signed in for the free membership..I…
2 years ago 214 Replies
Is your email hacked kyle?
I just received this unclear email from Kyle, about account authorization,…
2 years ago 81 Replies
I lost my user management access on google analytics?
I have my answer, I changed browser from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox,…
2 years ago 36 Replies
Question for computer experts, everything is showing wrong?
Text is crumbling, videos are in black and white.Am I ready for a new…
2 years ago 74 Replies
Why is mcafee flagging all my https siterubix websites?
Problem resolved! I have removed McAfee from my system!When I want to…
2 years ago 44 Replies
Errors in google search console, where do they come from?
Does anybody know where Google find these errors and how to resolve them?I…
2 years ago 36 Replies
What's going on with the activity dashboard kyle? it's stuck
The last movement on the activity dashboard it from 28 juliWhat is going…
2 years ago 67 Replies
I have 33 no-index errors, what is best to do?
I have 33 no-index errors of which 28 are from my categories.In the description…
2 years ago 33 Replies
How does google tag manager work?
I have created a Google Tag Manager Account, but it is going above my…
2 years ago 30 Replies
Choose between accelerated or extreme in siteplus+?
In SitePlus+ you can choose for Accelerated and ExtremeWhen do you choose…
2 years ago 25 Replies
Question about the comment payment?
I have given 108 commentsAfter 50 comments you get paid $1 per 2 commentsHow…
2 years ago 29 Replies
No wa notification mail after 8.09? it's 15.32 now
It's 15.32 here, and I haven't received any notification in my email inbox.So…
2 years ago 47 Replies
Most peculiar comment on my dutch website,mandatory upgrade?
This author is writing that he got summoned to upgrade by Wealthy Affiliate…
2 years ago 16 Replies
I am planning to delete a website, which steps do I take?
Hi AllI am copying every post from one website to another, I save them…
2 years ago 29 Replies
Why do my comments placed with gsm not stick?
I am pretty sure I placed a comment under Sanders, Vicki, Sharlee, Elaine…
3 years ago 38 Replies
Link to youtube on fb, what to fill in?
I tried every combination, with http, with channel, without, Loes Knetsch,…
3 years ago 7 Replies
This theme hasnt been updated in over 2 years?
I got a warning on my Thisiskidsart website.Broken ThemesThe following…
3 years ago 51 Replies
Does a new jaaxy member become your wa referral?
I know that a new WA referral automatically becomes my Jaaxy referral…
3 years ago 50 Replies
Someone it misusing my name, website and email address?
How to handle this?Someone is placing comments in my name! How can they…
3 years ago 123 Replies
Please help me with the best keyword phrases for wa?
Question closed!I got an offer I can not refuse!Email:Our platform is…
3 years ago 20 Replies
Number of plugins for site health increased,kyle-carson?
When we have done all the training and added all the advised plugins it's…
3 years ago 66 Replies
Is there another level system for the training active?
Normally the training level 1 is about 12-15 likes/readsTo complete training…
3 years ago 31 Replies
Changing pages into posts, do I have to take action?
In my early days, I created pages, instead of posts, and I have set that…
3 years ago 47 Replies
Carson, my cat stopped winking, can't we upload gif images?
Here on the questions it still works, but in the blogs the GIF images…
3 years ago 59 Replies
First time I paid for a comment, nothing happens?
NOTHING?For the first time I used earned credits to pay for a comment,…
3 years ago 85 Replies
Why will my video not upload?
Resolved!I tried to upload my video twice but I keep getting email from…
3 years ago 35 Replies
What is this thingy called?
QUESTION SOLVED!I have found a plugin which overwrites the current not…
3 years ago 57 Replies
Are you under 20 years of age? and want to be featured?
Are you under 20 years of age? And want to be featured on my website?Then…
3 years ago 2 Replies
What happened to my data on google search console?
I got an email for all my sites and most are quite alright but one...Meet…
3 years ago 46 Replies
Does anyone has a suggestion for replacement of ewww plugin?
In Bootcamp the EWWW image optimizer is advised. It is a default plugin…
3 years ago 77 Replies
Who knows a plugin for a category blogpost grid?
I am looking for a plugin to display my tutorial blogs by categorySomething…
3 years ago 26 Replies
When moving out of wa do you get commission?
I got this email question:As have moved out of WA, could you please let…
3 years ago 35 Replies
How can I make pretty link secure?
I have Siterubix websites and I use Pretty link for my affiliate links.I…
3 years ago 11 Replies
How long "unable to proceed with my comments" will last?
I got this question from a member, who has been blocked on the comment…
3 years ago 28 Replies
Why is it not possible to add a feature image for training?
Why is it not possible to add a feature image for a video training?This…
4 years ago 11 Replies
Jfs archaeological? alien? I need some expert opinion
I can not publish my blog due to copied content? Are they kidding me?JFS…
4 years ago 66 Replies
Have the features changed for jaaxy pro?
Are there any changes for Jaaxy Pro with the new Jaaxy?Old chart: Keyword…
4 years ago 14 Replies
What happens in the ranking stats?
What the heck is going on???Carson's update:Ambassador ranking 2017 -…
4 years ago 127 Replies
Is it alright to translate given comments into dutch?
I would like to get comments on my Dutch website using the WA comment…
4 years ago 30 Replies
Can you delete a blog by accident?
When you click by accident on the "delete" button instead of the "edit?"Is…
4 years ago 29 Replies
Have you read this blog? you really must!
4 years ago 31 Replies
Am I paranoid or is it coincidence?
The moment I published my last blog, about How big is the internet? my…
4 years ago 93 Replies
Spelling error in url, how to correct it?
When I write a training, I always check everything twice before I publish.…
4 years ago 33 Replies