Who is your public? How to write your blog? Your about me page?

Last Update: October 23, 2016

Who is your public?

When you are writing your about me page or your blog, you must always keep in mind who your public is.

Easy target - WA blog content

A blog on WA is quite easy, because people here are receptive to new handy tips,
to scam stories, to progress and profits, to positive feel good quotes, to website developing, to SEO and keywords etc.The tone to use is in most cases informal.

You get the acknowledgement you are looking for.

How to write your blog or about me page for your website?

But how does this work writing blogs for your website?
To which public are you writing? To whom are you talking?
It's very important to know your readers. Do you talk formal language or informal?
When your "About me page" starts out with: "Hey...", you've already set the tone for informal. The question is, does this fit your website content? You can not start your "About me" page with Hey... and write your website in formal language!

Is your website a company? Then you don't use an "About me". You use an "About our company" and you use formal language. A company always speaks in the plural.

Add for a company a picture of the General-director, the company building and and/or an inside view.
Add ALWAYS a personal profile picture to your about me page.

Step 1: Think about what makes you unique.

Being unique is very important to survive the internet. As a person but also as a company.
There are over 1 billion websites on the world wide web today and counting.
Total number of websites
Start with a short story or a list. Is it your unique self? Say something no one else can say.
The ultimate test?
Put the name of the competitor above it and see if it's still true.

If so, start again!

Step 2: To whom do you write your blog?

Who is your target audience?
If you do not know to whom you're writing, you don't know what tone, vocabulary or structure you have to follow.

Are you talking to staying at home mums or to graduated students?
Disabled or veterans? 9 to 5 workers or unemployed? People with a hobby or some ideal? Which age or gender? Pet lovers, veggies or bbq-ers? Upper- or lower class?

Think about this until you really understand to whom you talk to.

Step 3: Does your tone fit your niche?

Your tone will be different when you are writing a blog about tattoos and piercings
in comparison with a website about dog food, hardcore music or communion dresses for girls. The niche you are in determines the way you use the language as well.

When your niche is "devices for disabilities", it makes sense to write about your own disabilities problems and how you got into this niche on your about me page. When your niche is about dog supplies it doesn't make any sense to explain all details about your health problems, more important is to tell all about your doggies and how much you love them.

Your about me page has to reflect your audience.

Step 4: Are you trying to sell something or providing a solution?

People are looking for solutions, for additional information, for making the right choice.
Are you providing one of these?
If people just want to buy something they are man enough to go to the Amazon store, and look for the article their selves and buy it directly from Amazon.

Step 5: Now you can start writing the text

Now you can write your website text.

  1. You know what makes you unique
  2. Who your audience is
  3. Which tone to use
  4. If you are providing a solution

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Frenchfries5 Premium
It is always help to get perspective on this important topic. Sometimes its hard to put ourselves on the other end, esp when writing for so many audiences.. Thanks
Loes Premium
My pleasure to paint a picture Michelle
weemrst Premium
Once again Loes, an outstanding and informative blog - just right for people like me.
Thanks so much and take care.
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You're welcome Lynn, thank you:)
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Hi Loes.
Short and sweet :)
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Thanks Edmund:)
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Hi Loes,

You have really did an excellent job on this . your directions are. Very precise. This is so important to know. Thank you for sharing this great work.
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Thank you Louisa, nice of you to say that:)
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Hey Loes good stuff.
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Thanks Paul:)
Profithog Premium
Hey Loes - No actually I REALLY meant "good stuff." I read and have thought about what you wrote and I can honestly say that the reason a couple of my sites get all the traffic is because unconsciously I chose a niche'(s) where i could involve all 4 attributes. The other sites not so much.
Loes Premium
Thanks Paul:) Perhaps it is sensible for me to review my sites too;)