What is Wealthy Affiliate to you?

Last Update: Jan 16, 2016


First I will tell you what Wealthy Affiliate means to me then I ask you the question:

What is Wealthy Affiliate to you?

Wealthy Affiliate Education

For a person as I am, a visual person, quite bad at reading instructions, and a frequent user of the trial and error methode, the video classes are a solution. Seeing something = doing something. It is so easy to understand how to implant the material.

Wealthy Affiliate Community

Never in my whole life I have encountered so many helpful, warm and caring people together. I know for sure I found here friends for life! I can say I have friends now from Johannusburg to Adelaide. And from Beiroet to Calgory. From Singapore to Sarejevo. And how nice it is, that there is always someone online! To talk to, to help you and to read your blog!

Wealthy Affiliate Scam

Oh no, no, no, that's not how it works here! I know better! A lot of people are checking if Wealthy Affiliate is a scam:) It has a good rate.wealthy affiliate

wealthy affiliate a scam- searches1266 traffic 216 art.power 8.9 PPC 7.05

Now it's up to me to convince people of the legitimacy of Wealthy Affiliate. That'll be an easy job. Because Wealthy Affiliate is far from a get rich quick scam, it is an open educational resource, with a huge library of knowledge about all ins and outs of affiliate marketing and website development. The opportunity to learn all you need to monetize your website and to create an online income.


What amazes me is what you get for your money!

Website, hosting, education, own domainname, 24/7 support, live chat, blog, that's all material, the friends here are to me the greatest treasure:)! Love you all!

all in one place!

Unique is the offer of a 7 days free premium trial
and the opportunity to stay here as free member
and to receive 2 free websites, free hosting, lessons and community support.

From every premium referral

Affiliate marketing program

The terrific affiliate marketing program of Wealthy Affiliate is unprecedented worldwide! With only 3 premium followers your own premium account is already in the profit!

Join Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate safety

Kyle & Carson have it under control

The safe haven Wealthy Affiliate is for many is unknown on the internet. I feel as safe as in my own home here. Ad and scam free environment is truly restful. And not to worry about my website be wrecked by some stupid mistake of myself. Everything is backed up and safe around here. You can click any link here without hesitation!


So what's keeping you to take the step and join our team?
You can have a free account ($0.00)
You can have 2 free websites ($0.00)
Hosting is free ($0.00)
Daily blog ($0.00)
Affiliate program (yes you read it well, you can even earn without paying)
Community support ($0.00)

And when you decide to go for it, and really want to become successful online, you pay no more than one big Mac family dinner ($29.91 a month) for a yearly membership.

Question to Kyle and Carson

How do you do that guys?

You are simply the best!

Especcially for you2&WA - here is TINA!


Now my question to you :)

What is Wealthy Affiliate to you?

With love

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Recent Comments


To me the letters WA don't stand for Wealthy Affiliate anymore, instead they stand for Wonderful Adventure. I guess that tells how much joining in has been life changing for me.

Very nice Carole, Wonderful Adventure! I like that!

Loes, I could not say this any better.
WA is all the above and more to me.
This is my virtual family and I love you all.

Tina, Wow what a great touch.

WA just keeps getting better and better.
Thank you Loes for sharing this with us.

Yes, Tina is the personification of WA :)) thanks Ken!

I listened to Tina for over an hour
after reading your post today.
Thank you so much Loes.
This brightened my day :-)

Yes she certainly is!

She is top-talent!! I am a big fan of her!

Yes I have been a fan of Tina as well for many years.
I agree she is top-talent. That gal can really entertain.
Have a great weekend Loes my friend. Thank you.

Wealthy Affiliate to me me is an online affiliate marketing platform which educates you on how to market online to a particular niche, how to build your website, write quality content, promote products on your website from any particular affiliate programs such as amazon, clickbank, share a sale, etc. and eventually start earning revenue. I like Wealthy Affiliate because it is legitimate and is a community where there is unlimited training to become a successful affiliate marketer and also if you ever need help with something, you can get unlimited help in live chat. Wealthy Affiliate is also a great community to learn things you didn't know before.

Hi Natia, You have wrote down the facts clearly, thank you!

You're welcome.

Great post Loes and to me WA is family, Friends and s new chapter in my life

Yes, you can say that, totally agree with you Paul

Wealthy Affiliate is my chance to succeed at running my own online business. I have failed so far, but that's fine because the path to success is paved with failures. The trick is to learn from them and strive to do better next time.

WA has a lot to offer. Even once you have finished with the official training, there is still a lot to stick around for. Web hosting, keyword tool, SiteComments, plus a community to share the wisdom you learn along the way and also learn from others.

I'm in an interesting position, having dabbled with affiliate marketing in some form or another since 2008, and having been a member of WA previously in 2009. I can honestly say that WA is the best way forward. I say this as someone who tried so many other things.

I think the future is bright for me with this. My new website is only a month old and it's doing well in the Google SERPs. No sales yet, but I'm sure there will be over the next few months. And it's a subject I'm really interested in. That's the key thing here, we are taught to build a solid website about something we are genuinely interested in. In the past, I spread myself too thinly and set up lots of different mini sites. I made some Amazon and ClickBnk commissions here and there, but nothing full-time.

My advice to new members is to think of this as a long-term thing and to build a site that you can work at long-term. Don't set up 30 tiny websites and post 10 blog posts to each of them. Far better to have fewer websites that you can really build up into something big. Also, make it genuine. Forget shortcuts and sneaky tactics. Just do it properly. Create a quality website that people want to visit.

What a great testimony Mark, and I know your websites:) They are terrific!

Thank you :-)

I have been here at WA now 13 months today, and I can honestly say that my perception of this awesome program has not wilted one bit since the day i found it. The only problem I have is convincing all those that visit my site that it is "SImply the Best"

Yeah, recognizeble Gordon, I can't drag people in by their hair, if I could I would:) to tell them LOOK, just take a LOOK, come on take a LOOK see what you are missing out on..

I call it my internet "Home spot".... :-)

Nice said Bert!

To put it simply. ..WA is my life.....

Great! I can get used to a life like that too Rosie, just have to work half of the time elsewhere:)

Yes it is!!

I'm in that same boat............see me? lol The tired one in the back!

This is such a great community and can't agree more with you Loes on everything that is written in this post :)

Thanks Ante:) Much appreciated!

To me WA is: an opportunity, a community, and a pleasure.

Hi Mike, all three of them:))!! Mostly pleasure I think and the nice side effect of earning at the same time:)) I enjoy myself so much here!

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Market Research & Analysis Tools
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