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Make any banner interactiveHow to make subtile movement on your banners?The how to EraseMy folderGifmaker.meThe first resultThe second resultGo here for more banners
Animated signatures DIYFind a copyright free to use imageCreate 2 pictures with your name, you can use with the eye open, one with the eye closedMake transparent background in to You can use the same image multiple times for delayI hope you like these (◠‿◠✿)
Make from a static image an amazing looking moving imageUpload your image to Crello - free accountCreate your moving backgroundDownload your MP4 (movie file)Upload your MP4file to Blink Cliplets to convert MP4 into a gif fileSelect the whole movie (time and image)Download the image as a gif fileYou can use it on your website nowHave a enjoyable, creative and productive day:)
2 days ago, I wrote about a table code and how to use it as a gallery on your website, with this example.Today I share some ideas for galleries with you, and show which images are very suitable to use.Gallery with plane textGallery with windows and postersThe posters are made on Canva and Design Wizard and are official used as book covers.Art gallery Bottles as a galleryThis one was tricky, I had to cut the images in half to be able to use the free deformation function on
Yesterday I made this clothing line with images and pegs, and I had a lot of trouble to get the images lines up and connected togetherThis is how a usual table displays the images, with a few pixels of space in between each image. And this is a regular table codeThese images are seamlessly connectedAnd this is the code for itCan you find the differences in the 2 codes?In HTML code one sign or character can make a world of difference!Just change the cell into a header cell does the trick! No CSS
August 01, 2018
What to do on a day off?Everyone will have a different answer to that.Some will game, some go for a walk, or to the beach, not me.I enjoyed myself heeps with amazing visuals to go on my website. I just ♥ those!Here are a few I have created today1. I added the coffee mug to my header2. I made a go to my blog banner3. And a washing line galleryThis one cost me half a day, I just couldn't figure out how to get rid of the 2px space in between the table images, but I am very determent, it jus
Hand Drawn Circles Are CopyrightedWhen I search Google for hand drawn circles, I get a page full, but when I select for users rights, they are all gone. So, I made them myself!Photo page curlCircles, Arrows, ?, V-s and X-sImages placed here automatically change into JPG, and loose their transparency. When you like to receive this set of circles, and other marks, please drop me a PM with your e-mailaddress and I will send you the transparrent PNG images.100% copyright free, designed by LoesAddit
Stand out of the crowdCustomize your back to top button with a simple code in the sidebar widgetGet rid of the booring back to top button of Wordpress and add your own amazing back to top icon.How to add the back to top code?Find an icon, go to Make it 100px by 100px, you can do that in Give it your own colorsUpload the icon to your media library and fill in the alt textAdd a sidebar custom HTML widgetPaste the code on a post test draft in the text editorReplace the
Do you know that you can easily change your cursor? Into any icon you like?Find the best icons here Icons8.comOverride the Cursor with your own ImageHere is the code that you can place into the header.I use for that matter the "Header and Footer Script" plugin.<style type="text/css"> body, html { cursor: url(imagelinkhere.gif), auto; } </style>You icon needs to be 25px by 25 px png image with a transparent background.I just added a little pencil cursor to my Thisiskidsart
So, I took the plunge, and became an Amazon Associate.180 days to make 3 unique sales! I read enough blogs from people who lost their Amazon account due to No-Sales.So I figured out how to track and trace Amazon links on my blog, just in case, I have to remove them again.Open a new excell sheetMake a hyper link to the post with the Amazon add on itThe number of linksI think this might be helpful to anyone who is starting an Amazon Affiliation and wants to make money with Amazon Associates to ke