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Strange Resize, Blurry HeaderI had major problems to add my header in the right size on my website. I tried everything to get the size right, nothing worked.Untill I suddenly had an enlighting moment!The EWWW plugin was the culpritMy header is 1170The EWWW settings where max 1000 pxSo everytime I loaded up my header picture with the required 1170 px it was reduced to 1000 px with the EWWW plugin.Finally, the penny fell, when I deactivated the plugin, the header image appeared in the right size.
Ambassador (Days: 1.4K) Posts (760) & Training (126)What is an ambassador?An Ambassador is an official recognition, especially given to high-ranking members who represent Wealthy Affiliate and reflect the spirit of the community and is usually accredited to members who are giving voluntarally their efforts to benefit the organization.For almost 4 years, (since November 2014) I have been helping you daily as an ambassador. Most of you only know me as an ambassador here.I haven't changed my
Above the foldWhat do your visitors see without scrolling the page?Take a look at your homepageSee your website through the eyes of a visitor, what do they see? Which message do they get in the first 5 seconds? Are they starting to scroll. Are they leaving right away? Are they clicking a link?What would you do?When you came to your own website? What would be the first thing you would want to do?Look at your website through the eyes of your visitor!Don't scroll just look at the top!Make it invit
For the latest assignment of the Super Wealthy Affiliate Challenge we had to create videos. For that, I have tried a couple of new programs, and I will share my experience with previous used programs too.Animaker - 2D video - Whiteboard=premiumExample: Wealthy Affiliate Education - YouTubeRawshorts - Terrible program - free version has a bigBIG Watermark TWICE!Powtoon - very nice to work with - easy - 4 day free premium access, after that only access to 2D moviesExample: Web hosting at Wealthy
Life with a website is never dull!Yesterday, I was very pleased to see the blog of Carson, about SSL for all Siterubix websites.I started to change successfully my aloesvera.siterubix into SSL and went to Bing Webmaster to add the HTTPS version.My account on Bing is still accessable but there is NO other website listed!All my other websites are dismissed by Bing, I have to verify them again.Please, check up your sites in Bing, and look if they are still there!Re-verify your website1. add your U
Hooray! We get FREE SSL for the Siterubix subdomains too! Thank you!It is not just a button to convert, there is more to itWhen we got the SSL for the owned domain names, I wote a blog about it.A step-by-step guide/checklistWhat is a free SSL certificate? Guide-checklistHere it is for you all to use this to make your Siterubix website SSL secure.Success making your website SSL secured with that awesome green padlock!
Since I have started here, I have Social Media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, G+, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin and Tumblr.Twitter - 4130 followersFacebook - 618 followersG+ - 1303 followersPinterest - 1442 followersInstagram - 78 followersLinkedin - 211 followers Tumblr - 20 followersMost of my Tumblr followers look like if the cat walked over the keyboard followers or nameless impersonal accounts.A few questions:Who has other experiences with Tumblr? Does Tumblr have any additional worth to
I managed to get my newsletter out today, in between the activities and business. As you all know, it's very important to start with your email list right away. I started with a little thank you video, which is linked to my blog about email newsletters, followed bij 4 blogs, also linked, about website design, and ofcourse my newest links to free tools.I hope you'll get inspired to make a newsletter of your own:)How to write a good newsletter?As I said, I made this newsletter in between all othe
Your website at starting pointWhen you are a newbie here, starting up your online appearances, you have to invest money, effort and time into your website. You have to work hard for it to gain traffic. Traffic = MoneyYour website as income sourceWhen you have worked for a while on your website, you can see the profit rising. And the cost-benefit picture is changing for it cost money into you gain some profit. Even that much profit that to can leave your 9-5 job and work hard to maintain and inc
How does Google react on back links?The Google updates of Panda and Penguin have taken care of all the irrelevant back links on a website. I believe that hundreds of irrelevant back links in comments on my website will result in a penalty from Google. Matt Cutts about backlinks in comments (2 minutes video)Asking for commentsI do ask for comments, but the first thing I do is delete every irrelevant back link to the website which is provided. When my workathomefuture website gets backlinks in co