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Create your own visuals directly online with theDesign WizardPeople who are familiar with Canva will have some recognition with this program, it's more compact, but when you want more choices, it really works fluently.I have created the header picture there and this banner.For both, I uploaded my own images. There are free images on Design Wizard, but also a lot you have to pay for. The pricing from those images is significantly higher than on Canva, I saw prices from $6 a piece.It offers a Fre
The about me page is one of the most important pages on your website. It's the connection that you make between you and your visitor. Your visitor has to recognize him/her self in the text.And it is difficult not to brag, and still to say that you are the best in your field.If you write an about me page, here are 3 tips you should pay attention to, and 3 tips that you should not do.Do's1. Look through the eyes of your customers.Tell why other customers are talking about you. Explain how you hel
I am rarely in live chat, but I do follow up sometimes along the sidewalk. Also getting involved by sending people answers using PM. But I am really shocked when I read some replies!We suppose to be helpful and supporting, encouraging and accompanying.Live chat conversationsTelling people to take a hike????Too lazy to explain what affiliate marketing is...???Never heard of that one, but perhaps it's a fact, but not really an encouraging one...You are kidding me, really????Please people, who are
When you add a call to action button to your website, and you want people to click it, be aware of these 3 points.1. Add value and convenience for the customerAvoid the impression that the customer has to do something.Your visitor always wonders, is it worth it? Accompany the button with information that suggests value and convenience.Super simple, with one click, ready.Everything to prevent that your visitor has to do something by clicking on the button.So, do not say:That suggests that your v
Blog sharing postThe Yoast SEO Plugin Update Has a Major Bug That Negatively Affected Search Rank.
Go to your YouTube channelCustomize channelChoose the tab "For New Visitors"Add your trailer (you can choose from all your uploaded videos)Go to my YouTube channel to see my trailerYouTube GuideHere is the YouTube guide to do this
Yesterday I surfed around the website of Screencast-o-Matic to write a review about a product, and I did not really know how to get my head around it.But suddenly........PING>>>I send them an email!!And I got the most amazing and helpful response within a day!They have send me more than I asked for, and a video and a PDF and today they reviewed the article for me. And put some dots in the i.Just send an email to the company you want to review and get an AWESOME article!
May 29, 2018
Use your resources wiselyThere are many ways to ask questions at WA, please use your resourses wisely and in the right way and order.I just renewed my training about this, with new screenshots of the WA UIWays to ask questions at WA
Free software: the best freeware tips from 2018A bit off everything, with descriptionI found them but didn't try them out, these where recommended by a computer magazine in the Netherlands.The New Style Video Player gives You Another Approach to Live it up! 5KPlayer is a blend of free (MKV) HD video player, music player, AirPlay media streamer and online video downloader. Simply observe what a genuine media player can do: 5kplayerdupeGuru is a cross-platform (Linux, OS X, Windows) GUI tool to f
Every website who attracts people to make money online, is like everyone else online, they are sure they have the sollution that they can teach you how.There are multiple opportunities, which can bring in money. And there are also hundreds of other companies you can join online.Wealthy Affiliate is one out of thousands other possibilities you can choose from.Handle with CareWhen you review a website whether it's a scam or legit, be very careful. They might have a way to make money online, it ju