I am taking a break for a month

Last Update: December 02, 2018

I will login daily

  • to follow people back who are starting to follow me
  • to answer direct questions related to my own training and blogs
  • to answer PM's, only if it's absolutely necessary and not been answered by the community
  • to place comments, to stay certified
  • to work on my websites

I will not

I have been daily active at WA

ever since I came here. Never missed one day to reply to blogs and questions. I have been at your service for 1490 days as your ambassador. Totally voluntary without any (financially) gain. Today, I dropped out of the ambassador list, and decided it is time...

At your service again on the 2th of January 2019

Enjoy the December month with love and pleasure.

Please do not react on this blog, I will not reply to you, I am on a break.

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YanFellow Premium
Enjoy the break, Loes. You are brilliant!!!

I'll have to put some of my innane questions to someone else for a while :-)

laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Loes,

Ik zag het aankomen en het spijt me echt.
I am taking a break from writing for my websites. I am updating all the old posts, a little here and there, put a link or video, well, call it a small facelift. Then I will work to get Site comments and think with that my websites will improve.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
Gordon-D Premium
Well earned, :-)
mergie1 Premium Plus
Have a well deserved break Loes.
GlenPalo Premium
Good for you, Loes. Taking breaks help re-energize. Enjoy the break.