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Last Update: January 25, 2019

It's been a while since I have blogged on WA, but today I find it important to share my way of getting important backlinks for your website.

Which backlinks are important?

  • Backlinks to related websites
  • Backlinks to websites with over 100.000 visitors a month
  • Backlinks to authority websites in your niche

Which backlinks are irrelevant?

  • Links to (unrelated) small websites (can do more harm than good)
  • Links to totally irrelevant authority websites

Backlinking to authority websites

3 Months ago I wrote an email to with 500.000 visitors monthly, very relevant to my niche and 301+ cool amazing website tools page. I asked Marc McDonald; Would you consider paying attention to my Cool Amazing Tool Selection? 2 days ago I received the newsletter WITH my page in it! Free Amazing Website Tools!

I searched the TheFreeSite and I found a permanent link on the Misc.Freebies. Awesome!

How to find relevant authority websites?

Google your keyword phrase in the incognito mode and look which websites are on page #1. You can contact them using email or a contact form on the website and ask them to consider to check out your website and ask if they like the additional information or pay attention to your website/page.

Google Search Console results


  • Good backlinks are important
  • Contact the owner
  • Don't waste your time on pitiful websites

Jaaxy results

For this particular page

Position: Google1 Bing1 Yahoo1

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Good to know Loe, thank you for sharing.
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Fantastic post as always. Thank you Loes
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