Difference Between Referral Marketing And Affiliate Marketing

Last Update: November 29, 2017

What Is Referral Marketing?

Referral marketing is a method to activate satisfied customers and other good contacts as ambassadors for you or your organization. By informing, promoting and rewarding ambassadors in a targeted way, the chances are big that they will do a good job for you and promote you, your products and services.

People love to make recommendations. If it is not to help others, they do it because they get better: they seem smart, loyal, innovative, solid ... It is the job of the company to make this possible! You will get better as an organization.

It is a way to let your business grow from the inside. If you structure and stimulate this recommendation process, it can become a very effective means for growth of your brand.

This is how Wealthy Affiliate work

Wealthy affiliate attract members, and the members are using a megaphone to broadcast the company. They find new members, and they get paid for it. And they get paid very good. Almost half of the annual fee goes to the member who has done its job good.

Best Black Friday Discount

During the Black Friday discount, you will earn for every new annual referral $130.

You see, that when you find 3 referrals during this period, you will earn $390, that's way more than you need to pay for your own yearly fee.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way of internet marketing. With advertisers who receive a reward from their partners (Company) for sales (including memberships - subscriptions) that the affiliate has provided.

Affiliate marketing means that you place advertisements for products and services of certain companies on your website. If someone clicks on this advertisement and purchases a product or service on the website of the advertiser, you will earn a commission on this. The best results for affiliate marketing you will get by linking to the merchant via a text link included in an article about the product. The amount you can earn depends on various factors and is always variable.

Wealthy Affiliate and Affiliate Marketing are a good team

This team is a winner. You get paid (terrific) to get others in contact with one of the best online education- and hosting platforms to show them how they can earn money on the internet with a website through affiliate marketing and at the same time you can tell them they can earn money with the Wealthy Affiliate referral program.

You are part of a great platform, with amazing opportunities!

Are you still in doubt? Please scroll up, and read this blog again.

Join this winning team!

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amexrn Premium
Thanks a lot Loes, good post, can be very well understood by newbies and aspiring online entrepreneurs. Have a nice day!

Kind regards,
Arline :)
Loes Premium
Thanks:) Have a nice day too, Arline
N33 Premium
Thank you Loes,

From the very first sight, I had no doubt. The first impression is revealing much more than we want to give in.

I feel really blessed, not only to be part of it, but to be able to recommend it heartidly.

Happy Thanksgiving, happy Black Friday and thank you WA

N with a smile
Loes Premium
We really are blessed, Anne, I remember that I went premium the second day:)
GomMagtibay Premium
Thanks for the explanation, Loes. Shared to my social media followers. :)
Loes Premium
Thank you, Gomer, much appreciated! I hope you gain some referrals from it.
Carol46 Premium
We certainly are a part of a great platform, Loes. :)
Loes Premium
Yes we are, Carol
sukumarth Premium
I would love to do both. Referral marketing involves trust-building to a greater degree compared to affiliate marketing. This is not to say affiliate marketing can survive without the trust element but here, mostly, people click an affiliate link to buy a product because your content only vindicated what he was having in his mind already about the goodness of the product. In referral marketing, it's more about convincing someone to take up an action about which he is not aware of so much. His action would come from the convincing power of your content, and therein lies greater responsibility. You do not want to branded a scammer for having goaded him into buying something that he was not having much knowledge of, do you? But Wealthy Affiliate is a safe bet for referral marketing and I would love to refer many people here someday :)
Loes Premium
Start today Sukumar, use your affiliate links and banners on your website, Social Media, in emails https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/share/links
sukumarth Premium
I'll be late for this coming Black Friday but I'm already creating a new website in the affiliate marketing niche. It's still in the siterubix subdomain. When it is more full, I'll do better marketing. You bet, in time, I'll do it properly. Cheers!