5 Year Career Development Plan At Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: May 25, 2017


5 Year Career Development Plan

Wealthy Affiliate offers you the opportunity to learn, create and develop your 5 year career plan. While working for a boss you are able to start a parttime online business.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is noting more than partner up with a company, that can be any company who has an affiliate program. A lot of people cooperate with Amazon. For every sale, which is taking place through their/your website, they/you get paid a certain percentage.

Why does affiliate marketing work?

More and more people order their products online, there will be a huge increase of people who use the computer to buy their stuff. And it'll be your job to create honest reviews, build trust, and motivate those people to buy via your affiliate link. As you can understand, reaching out to this online public, takes time and perseverance. That is why I call it the 5 year development career plan. The course we provide gives you a step by step manual to work with and to become successful in any niche you want. If you are in doubt to find a niche to get into, you can read my 1001 niche ideas for building your website.

Here are the steps for a 5 year career development plan getting started in online business.

1. Start the Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Course

When you want a successful career online you need a website. Without a website you need tremendous luck and creativity to succeed on social media. E.g. YouTube pays an average of $5,000 for 4 million views in a time period of 5 years. And that will not directly makes you rich.

The certification course of Wealthy Affiliate takes you step-by-step through the proces of setting up a solid foundation for a successful online business. The course is up-to-date and teaches you all the finesses you need to know to make a solid foundation for your own affiliate business.

2. Build your business

During and after the course we enable you to build your business from a starter position into a professional online money maker. That will not happen over night. But you will enjoy the technical and community services while following this road to success.

3. Use your free blog space at Wealthy Affiliate wisely

This is your second opportunity to earn direct money online!

We provide you a fully Google indexed SEO blog space to start right away. Right here. Use this blog space at Wealthy Affiliate wisely.

Before you publish a blog on WA, do the necessary steps. Because your blog will enter the #1 page of Google easier than your new started blog on your website.

  1. Use the SEO Keyword search Tool
  2. Generate an attractive title:
    5 Year Career Development Plan At Wealthy Affiliate
  3. Add pictures to your Wealthy Affiliate blog and name them after your tag. Don't use pictures with DCIM48983225 but change the name into e.g. get started in online business.
  4. Use your keyword throughout your post in the content and add as a tag. Do keyword research for your tags too.

The Wealthy Affiliate Career Plan

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Wealthy Affiliate career plan.

I wish you all a very successful online career

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Awesome Loes, I have not made use of the blogging aspect within the WA platform like this. But it's a very good idea to do so.

Waiting for your blogs:)

Excellent plan!

Thank you for sharing it with us.


Success the upcoming years Susan:)

thanks for that

You're welcome William:)

This is one of the best and well put together blog posts I've seen yet. Excellent points here! Bookmarked!

Thank you, much appreciated!

Always. Looking forward to creating many blogs here to take advantage of this.

Thanks Loes for prompt response, glad to be 'added and Tagged' to all you guys network, definitely working to have a 'success post'.

Can't wait to read about your success:))

Thanks a stack for sharing Loes, as I haven't yet started a blog yet , just want to know the meaning of the options of 'add tag' and 'success Post'? Apologies if the question sounds dumb

Add tag = Ad some extra keywords to tell Google what the post is about
Success post = to use when you made some kind of success with your business, that can be earnings of a huge number or unexpected visitors. You do not use it for e.g. setting up your website or an Amazon payment of $0,51

Thst's brilliant, thank you. How do I get round to using the blog here, and can anybody make use of it, Loes?


Just start blogging here:) and every premium member can use it.

Thank you, Loes...always ready to help out

My pleasure, James:)

Great post Loes, sound advice.

Thanks Alexander:)

Thanks Loes. This is great advice!

My pleasure sharing Rika:)

I will keep track on you Loes on your 5 years contract with WA and benefit from your posts.

Good to project a direction with this span of time.

You are welcome to track me, Jimmy, almost 3 years in:))

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