I know some people who want me to make websites for them. I plan to use WA as it is the only way I know how. I understand there is a 25 site limit here, but if I decided to move the sites that I create for other people will they be still using up my limit or will my limit rise again once they are moved elsewhere e.g Hostgator. I plan to only keep my own affiliate sites here on WA hosting. Does anyone know.
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Jonicas Premium
Hello Jason,

Well, well,

It is the first time I hear of a 25 site limit, where did you get this information or could someone else shed some light on this.

As for as Siterubix sites are concerned, I believe there is no limit.
Kathy331 Premium
I saw the new limit in the latest site rubix update. 25 domain sites and 25 site rubix. I'm trying to remember which bit I read it in.......
jasontw111 Premium
It came in an email when the new "Site Rubix - Build your website here", update came.
Kathy331 Premium
Ah, right, I just went looking for the email, couldn't find it!
kennnyb Premium
I believe you can also use siterubix if you do happen to hit your limit.
elusian Premium
Great question. I was wondering the same thing.
Michelle04 Premium
Hi Jason. If you move them and they are removed from your limit, you have freed up the space you have left for a new website. :) Michelle
tommydillard Premium
Once you create them and move to another hosting you will have that spot again here. It does not go by how many you create it is how many you have hosted here at one time.
Good luck