Can anyone suggest places to advertise beside Facebook and Craigslist? I post my ad on so many work at home type groups on Facebook. Aside from a few clicks, I have yet to see results; same with Craigslist. In fact several of my ads on CL have been flagged for deletion. Also, can we advertise on job sites?

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nathaniell Premium Plus
I just avoid FB and Craigslist because there are so many people advertising "work from home opportunities" that they just get lost, or flagged as spam. I would focus on your website, since you own it, and no one can flag anything there but you!

I'm assuming that you are posting WA stuff on Facebook and Craigstlist though. Am I right?

Wealthy Affiliate is not a "job", so I can understand why they would delete it from a jobs board.
mpgoode Premium
I was just posting my own ads, and added to FB, CL & Twitter, but I will definitely consider paying as well.
MattHojsik Premium
What are you advertising? Also are you using paid ads or just posting on Facebook and Craigslist?

Other options could be Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, tumblr, youtube, niche related forums, and sites like Yahoo Answers and Ask (find someone having a problem and offer your solution).