So far I have installed a plug in, in an effort to get Amazon Global links on my website. This plugin shows specific content to users from specific countries - "Custom Content by Country (from iControlWP)".

The next stage, I am about to get into, is to use the code below to get my links to work:

[CBC_AMAZON asin="put your product's asin number here" country="if left blank it will generate content automatically based on your viewer's location, I have it blank"]"your anchor text goes here"[/CBC_AMAZON].

It may sound a daft question to ask but I don't have a clue on how to get this working. To be specific, how exactly do I post the link, is it as a widget ....?

Can someone please explain. I would appreciate if you could add a video or some form of illustration on one by one step of doing this.

Many thanks

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TheBuilder Premium
Why don't you give it a try. We always learn through our own mistake.
ZEGU Premium
True, definitely, we learn unforgettable lessons from our mistakes. Thank you got it!
Triblu Premium
Sounds like you're afraid to make a mistake Euphemia. Please try placing the short code more than half way down a post or page ... or even try pasting it in a widget if that is where you want it to go. Then you can view your site to see if it works.
ZEGU Premium
Thank you, I really appreciate your response. Let me try it.